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If there is one thing this writer enjoys more than researching blog articles and finding good Pinterest tips for all you loyal blog readers out there, it’s designing the accompanying images for our blog posts. Creating pinnable images to go with entries, regardless if it is for your blog or social media posts, is vital for optimizing your pinning opportunities.

5 Design Tools to Create Pinnable ImagesPinterest is a visual search engine, so it makes perfect sense to emphasize your image design, ensuring that it captures a viewer’s attention and compels them to want to Pin your image. This can simply be called a pinnable image. According to MJR Creative Group, a good pinnable image should be an awesome, impactful picture that’s 736 pixels wide and at least twice as long. With so many design tools and apps popping up like daisies, it’s now a lot easier to create your own well designed image without having to resort to hiring professionals or spending time and money on learning professional design software. In this blog, We’ve tracked down 5 great design tools you can use to create pinnable images.

1. Pic Monkey


Pic Monkey is the closest thing we’ve found to an online Photoshop. It has all the basic design tools and offers upgrades to more advanced features for creating great pinnable images for you site.

Our favorite feature: the “Touch Up” feature has a generous list of bizarre but awesome options for retouching like eye brightening, nip tuck, weight loss and–teeth whitening. Teeth whitening!

2. Canva

If you are looking for a great tool to design quotes, Canva is the tool for you. Canva is so user friendly, anyone -regardless of their design experience – can use it to create all kinds of effective and beautiful pinnable images. This is thanks to their amazing selection of fonts, borders, shapes and background images. Another thing we love about Canva is their collection of templates for virtually all post options – everything from Facebook cover photos, Instagram and even Pinterest.

Our favorite feature:
 A popular trend that is surfacing is a badge/logo design and Canva offers a great selection of ready made, easy-to-use borders and shape tools for you to create your very own. Some of the more advanced tools require purchasing, but they are very affordable!

3. Be Funky

BeFunkyBe Funky is another fun and easy to use design tool. For posts that require a collage, Be Funky has an array of choices and allows the user to stitch pictures together straight from the computer. Also, “…it’s free and there’s no need to register.” Need we say more?

Our favorite featureBe Funky is both a design site AND a mobile app. Again, need we say anything else?

4. Pic Lab

PicLabPic Lab is a great mobile app for on-the-go designs. It has all the essentials needed on a design tool, from filters, font placements, borders, shapes and an image adjuster. The free version already comes with a lot but if needed, there are in app purchases available to further pimp your design.

Our favorite feature: Their range of tools. It really is a tools of tools and combines everything you need from a design tool into one nifty app.

5. Pixelmator

PixelmatorOkay, so we know Pixelmator is a graphic editor and may be a little advanced for the design novices but we are very big fans of all Apple products. Pixelmator has a ton of cool affects used mainly for image retouching, color correction and allows layer based image editing. Although it’s only available for Mac OS X, it will definitely help you produce some gorgeous pinnable images.

Our favorite feature: You’d probably need a bit of an assistance from a design-inclined friend to help guide you through it, but Pixelmator has some pretty sweet advanced features like their liquifying tool and their move tool, which can be used to create extra-awesome effects.

Know of any cool design tools we failed to mention? Drop a link in the comment box and share the news!

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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the collection of apps – I had not come across which I will add to my list of tools for my students especially as it is available free and on the desktop.

    For information the best size for Pinterest images (according to Pinterest) is to make sure that source images that are at least 750 pixels wide.

  2. Avatar

    Here I’ve been thinking PicMonkey was the bomb, and now you show me Canva and BeFunky — I’ll never get any work done playing around with these! So many options. And it looks like BeFunky has a lot more text fonts than PicMonkey.

  3. […] 5 Design Tools to Create Pinnable Images. If there is one thing this writer enjoys more than researching blog articles and finding good Pinterest tips for all you loyal blog readers out there, it’s designing the accompanying images for our blog posts. […]

  4. […] 5 Design Tools to Create Pinnable Images. If there is one thing this writer enjoys more than researching blog articles and finding good Pinterest tips for all you loyal blog readers out there, it’s designing the accompanying images for our blog posts. […]

  5. Avatar

    Is there a way to see who is not following me that I am following. When I first started pinterest I was unsure how it worked and started following ALOT of people because I thought I was supposed to….lol, yes I am a goof. It will take forever to go through every board 🙂

    • Avatar
      Melissa Megginson

      I’m going to go ahead and toot our own horn for a second – Tailwind’a analytics will tell you which followers you are not following and encourage you to go follow them 🙂

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  7. Avatar

    wow! Just when I was about to marry Picmonkey since I spend so many hours a day using it… now I find BeFunky! Thanks for the tips!!!

  8. Avatar

    Great info, love Tailwind!

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