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5 Gems You Should Know About in the New Pinterest

Do you remember that feeling of excitement you got as a kid when you received a unexpected gift? A surprise out of the blue that made you grin from ear to ear. That’s been me since I got access to Pinterest’s new look and the Analytics feature. I’ve had a few days to explore the ins and outs of the changes Pinterest has made and some time to check out the data from the analytics. In my exploration, I found a few gems that I’d like to share with you.

5 Gems You Should Know About in the New Pinterest


Tips Hidden in Pinterest Analytics

For many users, Pinterest analytics is a dream come true. Currently, this feature is only available to accounts that link to a website with a verified URL.  (Click herefor more information about verifying a URL) With Pinterest analytics you can learn all sorts of great information about the activity between your Pinterest account and your website within a specified date range including:

  • The number of Images pinned from your site
  • The number of people who pinned from your site
  • The number of repins of your images
  • The number of people who repinned your images
  • The number of times your pins appeared in the main Pinterest feed
  • The number of times people clicked through pins to visit your site
  • The number of unique visitors from Pinterest to your site
Pinterest Analytics Pin

Notice the blue circles above the numbers on the image above? If you hover over the circles a box will appear that explains what that bit of data is about. Here’s the gem…. Click in the text towards the bottom of the box that appears. A whole new box filled with helpful hints about how to improve your stats will appear! Like this one:


Getting the Most From Your Analytics

If you notice in the list above, it is all about numbers. Remember, Pinterest is a social network and what really is important about all of those number are the people behind those stats. What Pinterest’s analytics don’t tell you is who are the people bringing all of that traffic or who are your most influential followers and advocates. What if you want to compare accounts? With Pinterest’s analytics you can only see the data for accounts you manage.

The solution to all of this is PinLeague’s Analytics Dashboard. PinLeague provides multiple social media services but their Pinterest Analytics Dashboard combined with Pinterest’s new analytics feature is a match made in heaven. Not only do you get the numbers data but you also get insight about who is following you , who is generating the most revenue for you (if set up with Google analytics) and you can monitor multiple accounts including competitor’s accounts.

PinLeague even offers a free fully functioning analytics account that you should sign up for here. If you want to hear more about the services PinLeague offers, you can listen to my conversation with PinLEague CEO, Danny Maloney on the 3rd episode of the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast here.  I PROMISE I have no official affiliation with PinLeague, I really believe in the company and their service.


PinLeague Influential Pinterest followers
From most influential followers list



Report a Bug or Give Feedback About Pinterest Analytics

Report Analytics bugs to Pinterest Pinterest is growing and with any kind of growth there are usually some associated growing pains. The analytics feature is available to accounts with a verified URL but with as any new technology, there are likely to be bugs in the system. If you come across a bug or have some feedback about the new analytics feature you can share it with them on the Pinterest Web Analytics page in the Pinterest Help Center.When you click on the option to report a bug or leave feedback at the bottom of the page, a new page with a contact form will open. Go ahead, let your voice be heard! If you have questions about the analytics feature or other aspects of Pinterest, the Help Center is a great place to find information.


Related Pins

In Pinterest’s new look, when you click on a pin to enlarge it there is now what I like to think of as a new sub-feed.  In the old look when you click on a pin, beneath it you see how how many repins and likes that pin has as well as who repinned and liked it. In the new look, that is gone. What has replaced all of this wonderful information is a whole new listing or feed of pins called “People who pinned this also pinned:” While I love the information that was given in the old look, and I hope it eventually makes its way into the new look, this new sub-feed is pretty darn cool. In it I have found pins that I would have never found before and have begun following many accounts. If you have the new look be sure to scroll down beneath the pin to see other related pins, doing this with each new pin you come across could lead you to whole new world of pins to fill your boards with.


New Case Studies

Along with the new look, Pinterest has also updated their business pagewith new tips and new case studies. Be sure to take a look around and read what big names like Sephora and WikiHow are doing on Pinterest in the Stories section. There’s no reason you can’t use their Pinterest tactics for inspiration on ways to become a Pinterest success story too. You’ll also find some really useful information about setting up your account and pinning advice on the new business page.


Business case studies on Pinterest

Have you found any other hidden gems in the “new” Pinterest? Go ahead and leave them in the comments section beneath this post. If you found this list helpful, feel free to share it using the buttons below.  Thanks! Mini Oh So Pinteresting Logo


  1. Avatar

    I love Pinterest ! It is the only social media site that I am involved with. I am upset over the pictures of girls that are dressed in under ware. There are some sayings that are including curse words. I was wondering why its allowed. What a great site this is for young girls to be able to gather their thoughts and collect ideas for their weddings and homes for the future. There are plenty of sites were young men can go and look at barely clothed women. I wish you would consider watching whats posted more carefully. Thank you Donna

    • Avatar

      Hi Donna,

      I don’t work for Pinterest so I don’t have any input on what appears on the site. If you come across an image that you find crosses the line, you can report it to Pinterest by clicking the flag that appears n the bottom right hand corner of every pin when it is enlarged. Thanks

    • Avatar
      Ammanda Peters

      Maybe because Pinterest is not a site ”for young girls to be able to gather their thoughts and collect ideas for their weddings and homes for the future (yuck)” only, there are all kinds of interests in there: jokes, fun, music, advice and stuff, as for the strong language…it is mostly a site for adults, those things happen.
      I sincerely think that you are dead wrong if you think that pictures featuring women wearing underwear are for men exclusively, many women do appreciate these images too, since many women love nice lingerie and clothing ideas.

  2. Avatar
    Terry Phillips

    Why have you taken away the ability to search for a website? Previously I could use the search function to look for a website, find the pageI want & pin it. This even when I go through normal website and there is no Pinterest icon.

    • Avatar

      Hi Terry. This might be part of Pinterest’s most recent update. Are you using it from a computer or the mobile app?

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