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If your business or blog happens to fit in one of the popular categories on Pinterest such as fashion, crafts or food, you might think that success will be easy and you don’t need to bother with Pinterest strategies. You would be mistaken. Because businesses and blogs in these categories are so prevalent on Pinterest, they sometimes have to be even more strategic to stand out from the crowd.

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In this weeks episode:

I talk with food blogger Traci Antonovich about her experience with Pinterest. Traci is the author of  The Kitchen Girl, a blog for stress-free recipes and simple kitchen tips for busy people who just want to eat better. Traci inspires people to take action and feel good about what they are eating and feeding their families. Her blog is a virtual home base for intentional eating.

Traci’s been using Pinterest for The Kitchen Girl since she started it in 2013. Her pins saw some repins and click throughs as she began building her presence on Pinterest but when she began using more specific Pinterest strategies, things began to change.  Once Traci started pinning her images on group boards and working on her photography, her pins started taking off. She saw a surge in repins and in traffic to her blog

Traci recommends taking the best photos you can using your skills. She looks at each image and asks herself, “does that interest me?” Props, lighting and inspiration from other food bloggers are key.

For her photographs, Traci uses a DIY light system inspired by a YouTube video made from supplies found at the hardware store and around the house, but recommends using natural light whenever possible.

Here’s a screenshot of Traci’s recent “viral” pin for low fat avocado ranch dressing.


Let’s take a look at it to see what works:

  • The point of action where the dressing on the spoon comes away from the dressing in the jar really catches the viewers eye and makes people want to know more.


  • The timing of this pin is great – low fat, healthy recipe do incredibly well in December and January when people are thinking about New Year’s resolutions, health and fitness.


  • Finally, avocados are really trending at the moment so this pin is likely to come up frequently in searches.

As Traci mentioned previously, group boards have been good for exposure. She found the ones she participates in through a food blogger’s Facebook group. The numbers of board contributors and followers vary as does the focus of the individual group boards. Traci’s found that there’s power in numbers when it comes to having your work seen.

So what happens when a pin goes viral and you see an influx of traffic? Traci believes this is a great time to add a mailing list opt in with a freemium – especially one that is relevant to the post that people are clicking in on. For example, she added a download for popular dressing recipes to her post for the avocado ranch dressing recipe. This is a great tool for capitalizing on the increased traffic to Traci’s site.

Just as we love that Traci encourages folks to live intentionally, we also love that she’s embraced both blogging and pinning intentionally. Her audience is sure to grow with all the hard work she’s putting in to her beautiful blog.

The Kitchen Girl Traci AntonovichConnect with Traci on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter

Pinterest Tip of the Week

When you using the SumoMe Share tool that I recommended a couple of weeks back, you may run into some issues related to the Pin It button. Traci has found that it will pull images from any Pinterest widgets you may have on your site, rather than just the post that’s being viewed. It’s possible that you can work around this using the app’s settings but be aware that there could be issues. I’m still a big fan of the tool and recommend using it.


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Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  1. […] If your business or blog happens to fit in one of the popular categories on Pinterest such as fashion, DIY or food you might think that success will be easy and you don't need to bother with Pinterest strategies.  […]

    • Avatar

      I’m a hypnotherapist so I don’t really fit into the main categories on Pinterest but I’d love to make it work for me. I liked your interview with my friend, Tracy. I have close to 7000 followers but I don’t get subscribers from it.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia,
    I just stumbled on your podcast because I recently started to create high quality hand drawn graphics for designers and DIY enthusiasts… but coming from the world of web development I have no idea where to begin promoting my images. I am thinking that Pinterest might be the most useful platform for my graphics and your podcast is super helpful. Which episodes would you recommend I listen to first? I discovered your show thanks to an etsy newsletter.

  3. Avatar

    Found your podcast through the Etsy blog, too! I’m really enjoying it – great information! Your guest (awesome photo and recipe!!) mentioned a course you teach. Could I get some info about future Pinterest courses you will be teaching?

    All the best — Patricia

    • Avatar

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks so much for stopping by I’m so glad you’re enjoying the podcast.

      I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately so I apologize for the delay in responding. My next training course will actulally be this Saturday April 18th. You can learn more and register at . I also offer private training if that doesn’t fit your schedule.

      Thanks again,


  4. Avatar

    Cynthia, thanks again for having me on the show!

    What a blast to geek out with you about Pinterest and food blogging. Not sure how I left out talking about the beloved Canva…which we know makes image post-production a total snap. Cheers to that platform too! 😉

    I appreciate you so much…thanks again!

  5. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia,

    I’ve signed up for the class this Saturday – thank you! I sent you a note, though, because I haven’t received any info about when exactly the class will be held and how to log in. If you guys could send something out about that soon, that would be great.



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