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A Pin-UP Event on Pinterest and a BIG Announcement

Last Wednesday evening, I was casually scrolling through my Pinterest feed when I came across something absolutely shocking on Pinterest. I jumped up and said “Oh that’s so cool!’

Few things cause me to jump up from my seat in giddy excitement but this sure did. What is it, you ask? It is a live event on Pinterest called “Pin-Up Live”!


I recently had the pleasure of talking with the innovative women behind this brilliant idea about how a Pin-Up Live works and the response they received from the Pinterest community. The masterminds behind the Pin -Up Live are sisters Bethany Salvon and Bridgette Salvon-Berndt.

With her boyfriend Randy, Bethany is co-author of the travel blog Beers and Beans. Bridgette owns Earmark Invitations and is described as the “Pinterest Queen” by her sister. Her royal title might have something to do with the 1.1 million Pinterest followers Bridgette has.


What is a Pin-Up?

A Pin-Up is similar to a Twitter chat.

  • It has a host who asks questions and participates in the discussion.
  • It has a set theme
  • It can have a sponsor
  • This one even had a giveaway

The Pin-Up was hosted by Bethany and the theme was adventure travel. This Pin-Up’s sponsor was travel company, G Adventures and the prize was a $100 Amazon gift card and some goodies from G Adventures. Sounds like fun, huh? Now can you understand why I was so giddy?

Bethany describes a Pin-up as “…an online chat, it’s a visual conversation on Pinterest. It’s meant to inspire,educate and basically form a community of like minded pinners.” Participants are encouraged to engage and interact with each other and the host.


Down to specifics:

After the theme was decided on, an image was created to announce and promote the event and the theme.




Images created for the Pin-Up revolved around adventure travel and each had a question included in the image to encourage comments and conversation. Once pinned, they were linked to a related page on G Adventure’s website.

Each image used during the Pin-Up was pinned to the Pin-Up Live board. The board is a Pinterest group board began by Bethany with Bridgette and G Adventures as contributors. To keep up with the pinning, participants just had to be on the Pin-Up Live board and occasionally refresh their browser to see the next question pin.

The description used for each pin helped to promote the event and asked a question to get the comments going. The first pin used during the hour long Pin-Up received 119 comments! (See below)



Between each pin/ question, the team, including Bethany, Bridgette, Randy and G Adventures pinned other travel images and responded to some of the comments and questions participants had.

The original plan for the Pin-Up was to pin 10 images with questions. There was so much engagement that there was only enough time in the hour to use 7.  Needless to say ,everyone was happy with the level of participation.

After the Pin-up was complete, it was time to select a winner of the $100 gift card and goodie bag. Anyone who left a comment or question on any of the 7 pins was entered into a random drawing.


A big congratulations to Julia Toadere for being the first ever Pin-Up Live winner!



Essentially, the Pin -Up was an experiment, Bethany and Bridgette weren’t sure of the response they would get. It looks like it was a BIG success. There were hundreds of comments and questions during the actual Pin-Up, there was also a lot of repinning going on.

According to Bethany, G Adventures saw not only a tremendous increase in their pin’s activity but also experienced increase in activity on their other social media accounts. During the Pin-up and shortly after, G adventures had several new newsletter subscribers and several new entries into a giveaway on their site.


Will There be Another Pin-Up?

Given the succes of the first Pin-Up, the whole gang is coming back together again for another. It will be Wednesday January 22, 2012 at 7:00pm EST. Click here for more details. I know I’ll be joining in, will I see you there?



Want to learn more about Pin-Ups?

Want to hear some of the challenges and secrets behind the scenes of a Pin-Up?

If you do, you’re in luck, soon the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast will be officially launched and you’ll be able to hear my interview with Bridgette and Bethany!

On the podcast there will be interviews, news and bonus tips and tricks you won’t find on the blog.

There are just a few more technical details to work out but it is on its way! More details coming soon……. If you want to make sure you get access to every single podcast episode be sure to to sign up for free Oh So Pinteresting updates.



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      Kaishon, the Pin-Up Live was a blast! Looks like Wednesday nights on Pinterest is the place to be. Hope to see you there.

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