A Pinterest Party and What it Can Do for Bloggers and Businesses OSP Episode 019

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Pinterest is sometimes criticized for not being very social. The communication tools on Pinterest are pretty limited. Currently, the only ways to communicate with a fellow pinner is to comment on a pin, @ tag them in the comment of a pin or send them a pin.

Blogger and fellow Pinterest fan, Heather Eatherton found a way to make Pinterest VERY social, offline.

Inspired by Pinterest, Heather planned and hosted her very first Pinterest party! Where she and a group of friends completed a Pinterest inspired project.

A Pinterest Party and What it Can Do for Bloggers and Businesses

She reveals all of the details of her Pinterest party in this week’s episode of the podcast including:

  • How she was inspired to host a Pinterest party
  • How the project was decided on 
  • Her tips for choosing a project
  • How she uses Pinterest in place of Google and why


Sure Pinterest has limited communication functions but Heather and I talk about ways we have made friends and built communities around a common interest on Pinterest.


Getting down to business

Sure parties are fun but how can bloggers and business owners could utilize the concept of a Pinterest party to attract readers or generate business? During our conversation, Heather and I chat about ways that you can do just that.

What is so intriguing about this Pinterest party is that is shows how far the influence of a Pinterest pin can really be:

  • Space was rented
  • Guests were invited
  • Supplies were purchased
  • Friends gathered and talked about the project

~All from a single pin on Pinterest. 

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Connect with Heather:

On her blog – Mama Dish

Connect with Heather on Pinterest

Connect with Heather on Twitter


Here’s a peek at the Pin that inspired the project for the party:

Need proof that Pinterest can be social? Here’s a peek a some pictures from Heather’s Pinterest party:


Pinterest party supplies


PInterest Party project


Pinterest Pin party project


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6 thoughts on “A Pinterest Party and What it Can Do for Bloggers and Businesses OSP Episode 019

  1. The reason I so love Pinterest is, for one, it’s not so social. I hate Facebook and Twitter and the others. They’re TOO social. If Pinterest became like them, I’d be gone from there quick.

    1. Brenda, thanks for you comment. I think you will be a fan of Pinterest for a while since it’s focus is on discovery and sharing interests. I agree those other networks can get too personal sometimes 😉

  2. I think the point of pinterest is to share cool things, and it accomplishes its goal amazingly. For chatting, there is twitter, facebook.

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