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A Pinterest Party and What it Can Do for Bloggers and Businesses OSP Episode 019


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Pinterest is sometimes criticized for not being very social. The communication tools on Pinterest are pretty limited. Currently, the only ways to communicate with a fellow pinner is to comment on a pin, @ tag them in the comment of a pin or send them a pin.

Blogger and fellow Pinterest fan, Heather Eatherton found a way to make Pinterest VERY social, offline.

Inspired by Pinterest, Heather planned and hosted her very first Pinterest party! Where she and a group of friends completed a Pinterest inspired project.

A Pinterest Party and What it Can Do for Bloggers and Businesses

She reveals all of the details of her Pinterest party in this week’s episode of the podcast including:

  • How she was inspired to host a Pinterest party
  • How the project was decided on 
  • Her tips for choosing a project
  • How she uses Pinterest in place of Google and why


Sure Pinterest has limited communication functions but Heather and I talk about ways we have made friends and built communities around a common interest on Pinterest.


Getting down to business

Sure parties are fun but how can bloggers and business owners could utilize the concept of a Pinterest party to attract readers or generate business? During our conversation, Heather and I chat about ways that you can do just that.

What is so intriguing about this Pinterest party is that is shows how far the influence of a Pinterest pin can really be:

  • Space was rented
  • Guests were invited
  • Supplies were purchased
  • Friends gathered and talked about the project

~All from a single pin on Pinterest. 

  Links mentioned in this episode


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Connect with Heather:

On her blog – Mama Dish

Connect with Heather on Pinterest

Connect with Heather on Twitter


Here’s a peek at the Pin that inspired the project for the party:

Need proof that Pinterest can be social? Here’s a peek a some pictures from Heather’s Pinterest party:


Pinterest party supplies


PInterest Party project


Pinterest Pin party project


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  1. Avatar

    Thank you so much Cynthia! I loved sharing all the details of my Pinterest Party and am looking forward to my next one already.

  2. Avatar

    The reason I so love Pinterest is, for one, it’s not so social. I hate Facebook and Twitter and the others. They’re TOO social. If Pinterest became like them, I’d be gone from there quick.

    • Avatar

      Brenda, thanks for you comment. I think you will be a fan of Pinterest for a while since it’s focus is on discovery and sharing interests. I agree those other networks can get too personal sometimes 😉

  3. […] does happen when people scroll through the images on Pinterest but more and more people are using the search feature of Pinterest to find more of what they’re interested in. Whether using the Pin It button plug in or not, optimizing your pin descriptions can be very […]

  4. Avatar

    I think the point of pinterest is to share cool things, and it accomplishes its goal amazingly. For chatting, there is twitter, facebook.

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