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An Easy Tool to Find the Source of Images in Pinterest

As Pinterest has continued to skyrocket in growth, I’ve come across an increasingly pesky problem, pins with misguided or broken links. Either the pin links you to nowhere or it takes you to a site that has just copied the image.

If you’re pinning for your business, this can be a big concern, you wouldn’t want your followers and potential customers to look to you as a resource of information in your industry and have boards with pins like these.


Recently my online pal, Peg Fitzpatrick, posted a link on her Google+ account to a list of 12 Handy Chrome Extensions. One extension on the list called Pin Search, helps with this pesky pin problem. Take a look at the video below to see how easy it is to install and use.


By the way, what do you think of video tips? Would you prefer a blog post with screen shots or videos?



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    I think video works better for some tips. For example, it would have taken a LOT of screen shots to illustrate today’s tip. It probably depends on the topic. If the topic requires just a few screen shots, it might make more sense to stick with the screen shots.
    Or, you can always do both so that readers can choose (said the guy who doesn’t have to do the extra work). Bonus – you’d get better SEO that way.

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      Thanks, Mitch! The video is coming along. I think I might need help from a pro. Know anyone? 😉

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    Ginene Nagel

    Hi, I appreciate the information I just read and am going to the Chrome extension page to learn about this as I never can seem to find the original link on pinterest. And just to add my two cents…boy, I don’t like video tutorials. There is usually an advertisement. I read fast and like to read instructions. Thank you for asking.

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