How to Make Your Own Instagram Color Palette

Instagram is all about the visual experience: Beautiful images and an Instagram color palette that pulls your feed together!

But what if you don’t know how to combine color shades? Or maybe your brand colors don’t fit into the most popular color palettes on Instagram. That’s okay! 

We’re bringing you expert tips and examples to tailor your palette to your brand. Learn how to get a color palette on Instagram with this quick tutorial!

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What is an Instagram Color Palette?

Are you scratching your head and wondering what the heck a color palette on Instagram even looks like? We’ve got you.

Your palette is a collection of colors that tie your images together. A color palette guides you in picking photos that match your brand. Plus, a palette also keeps your feed from looking messy!

And there are a TON of color palette options on Instagram.

neutral instagram color feed
@k.els.e.y‘s neutral Instagram color palette.

Some Instagram feeds use neutral shades with a pop of color in every photo. Others use several shades of the same color to create a cohesive look. 

But your Instagram theme is about more than aesthetics and pretty colors!

A consistent look increases brand awareness and trust in your company. Without a defined palette, you risk confusing your audience.

And, as Lucidpress reports, “71% of companies list customer confusion as the biggest negative impact of an inconsistent brand.”

So, a defined color palette can really help you stay on track! In return, your fans recognize your brand and feel comfortable engaging with your account.

Plus, did we mention creating color palettes is fun?

Ready to get started? Woohoo!

Let’s boost familiarity with your brand and freshen up your Instagram feed by choosing the best color palette for Instagram!

Making an Instagram Color Palette: Do’s and Don’ts

Learn how to get a color palette on Instagram using our recommended best practices. These dos and don’ts help you create and use an Instagram color palette with ease! 

  • DO: Add your existing brand colors to your theme.
  • DO: Pick a color palette that fits with the photos you frequently post.
  • DON’T: Choose colors at random (as you’ll confuse your audience and disrupt your feed.)
  • DON’T: Post photos on the fly! This increases the chance that your image won’t mesh correctly with your theme and colors.

How to Build Your Own Color Palette for Instagram

From your website to social media channels, your brand colors have meaning. Your best bet is to choose colors that get a response from your audience and ones that fit your brand style!

Right about now you may be wondering, what is my Instagram color palette? Well, let’s find out! ️‍♀️

All you need is one key color, and a little room to experiment. With these two things, you can build at least five different types of color palettes for Instagram

Step 1: Choose Your Main Instagram Color

The best color palette for Instagram is one that uses your primary brand or company color.

After all, you put time into choosing your brand color, right?

So, it makes sense to use it in your Instagram color palette. 

This way, when people click from your website to your Instagram feed, they know they’re in the right place!

And, it gives you some wiggle room.

If you want to switch Instagram themes later, it’s easier since you’re building off of one color from your brand.

monochromatic instagram feed with pops of colors
@creativeandcoffee has a recognizable pink Instagram color theme with splashes of color.

Step 2: Get Familiar with the Color Wheel

Remember the color wheels with seven slices of bright colors?

Or perhaps you’re more familiar with the colors of a rainbow:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (ROYGBIV).

build an instagram color palette with a 12-shade color wheel.

Today we’re using an expanded version of the color wheel using 12 colors. This wheel adds: 

  • Pink
  • Red-orange
  • Yellow-orange
  • Yellow-green
  • Yellow-blue

A color wheel helps you map out how each shade relates to the other.

It’s a handy source of inspiration! (Feel free to pin our Wheel of Fortune to reference later!)  

Plus, you’ll gain a bit of confidence knowing that professional designers rely on the same wheel to make color palette selections.

Step 3: Brush Up On Mixology

Chances are, you’re not looking to use all primary colors. To help build color palettes of one or two key colors, it helps to understand which ways you can move up and down the color scale to pull new color shades and tints!

Here’s a crash course on how color mixology works!

If you’re looking for darker shades based on your key color, here’s how they’re created.

Deeper shades of color are created by mixing black into the primary color.

You can get a range of shades depending on the level of black you add!

Tint is created with the opposite!

You can get lighter versions of your key colors to use by just adding a little (or a lot!) of white.

Adding any neutral color (like black, white or grey) will reduce the chroma (read: colorfulness) of a color without changing the hue (the color it is on the color wheel.)

For a middle-of-the-road option, you’ll produce a tone by mixing your base color with grey.

Depending on the shade of grey you blend in, your toned color will be slightly lighter or darker than your base color.

You won’t get as many dramatic variations with grey, but you will get several strong neutral variants to complement your brand.

Step 4: Build Your Instagram Color Palette

Okay. Got your key color? ✅Did you take a gander at the color wheel? ✅Brushed up on mixology basics? ✅

Now it’s time to start building your Instagram color palette. Below we list five color palette ideas for Instagram used by professionals. These are five key styles that inform most professional color palettes you see out in the wild!

Start with your brand color, then pick the wheel that speaks to you. Which one says “this is MY Instagram palette?”  

Monochromatic Instagram Color Palette

Monochromatic means one color. But in this palette, you aren’t using only one color. Instead, you’ll pull different shades from the same color family. For example, you may choose all different shades of blue or green. 

On Instagram, the monochromatic scheme is popular because it’s easy to get started with.

It’s also not hard to remember when you’re building your feed.

Is it monochromatic the best color palette for Instagram?

Well, many Instagrammers would answer that question with YES!

monochromatic color palettes on instagram use shades from one color family

Complementary Instagram Color Palette

complementary insta color palette- use two opposite colors on the color wheel

The second-most popular type of palette is the complementary Instagram color palette.

This palette uses two colors that are direct opposites from each other on the color wheel. 

This combination really catches your eyes and stands out.

Graphic designer Victoria Hiraoka tells us why, and the best balance to make it work for you! 

“In this example, we have teal which is opposite of red-orange on the color wheel. A good rule of thumb is 60% of one color, 30% of the opposite color, and 10% neutrals.”

Victoria Hiraoka

Analogous Instagram Color Palette

In contrast to complementary, you choose two shades touching your main color on the wheel when building an analogous palette.

Here’s how it works!

Find your brand’s color on the wheel.

Then, choose a shade or shades from either side of it.

analogous colors on color wheel

Triad Instagram Color Palette

We’re not going to lie: the triad color palette for Instagram is tricky to pull off. You get a vibrant feed. But, it can quickly become a lot to take in. If you aren’t careful about visually planning your feed, it can quickly turn messy!

Up to the challenge? Triad palettes are complex, but beautiful, vibrant and artistic.

use three shades of color in your instagram feed

With a little practice and a lot of focus, you can really transform your feed with a triad color palette!

A triad uses any three shades that are of equal distance from one another on the color wheel.

In our triad wheel, notice that there are three colors between each shade we chose!

The best way to incorporate a triad color palette on Instagram is to use the 60/30/10 ratio. Then, sprinkle in some neutrals to tone those color splashes down and keep everything nice and balanced! 

Neutral Plus Instagram Color Palette

A neutral Plus Instagram feed soothes your viewers and contains just the right pop of color to appeal to audiences of all style preferences!

Neutral shades are also very on-trend right now, being one of the major graphic design trends emerging in 2020.

 “It might be tempting on this one to let the color overshadow the neutrals, but your color pop is best used sparingly.

The lower the percentage of your chosen color pop is, the more attention it grabs!”

Victoria Hiraoka
how to make a neutral instagram feed with pops of color

The Best Color Palette Generator Apps

There are so many options, we know! If you’re having trouble choosing just one color palette for Instagram, there are a ton of apps built to help!  We’ve narrowed this list down to our top three IG color palette apps. Get ready to get inspired!

App #1: Canva 

  • Available on desktop, iOS, and Android 
  • 3 Plans: Free, Pro: $9.95 per user/month, or Enterprise: $30 per user/month 

Canva is an all-in-one photo editing and image creation service. But, it has a robust color palette generator tool as well.

You can simply use an inspiration photo! Upload the photo and Canva will generate an Instagram color palette based on the picture.

Or use Canva’s color wheel tool for a custom selection. Plus, it’s free to search hundreds of palettes by colors, keywords, or themes!

App #2: Colordot by Hailpixel

  • Available on iOS 
  • Free on a desktop or a $0.99 iOS app download

Colordot is a unique and fun way to choose a color palette for Instagram.

The desktop and iOS versions are full screens. Just use your camera to capture colors.

Or swipe to change your hue, lightness, and saturation. This app gives you endless options to find precisely what you want!

App #3: Palette

With thousands of 5-star reviews, Palette is a fantastic Instagram color picker. It’s easy to generate a palette from any photo or web link.

Plus, it gives you HEX codes for use across multiple platforms. 

If you’d prefer to leave all of the crazy template-building to someone else so you can focus on other aspects of your business, Tailwind Create creates your templates for you! All you have to do is add in your business, select the images you’d like to feature, pick your brand colors, and presto, you’ll have dozens of templates ready in seconds!

Try out Tailwind Create for free!

Schedule and Post Your Color Palette to Instagram

Of course, designing a gorgeous color palette for Instagram is just one piece of the puzzle. After all, it’s tough to visualize how just one picture looks in in your entire 9-grid.

Instagram feed planner app from Tailwind

That’s where Tailwind’s Instagram planning app makes life so much easier.

Our 9-Grid Preview Tool lets you upload all your photos in one batch.

Then, you can drag and drop your photos until you find the perfect arrangement of balanced, beautiful color!

Plus, once you’ve arranged your beautiful Instagram feed,  you can schedule your posts at the very best times for optimal engagement – all within our new Instagram planner app!

Itching to paint your Instagram life just a little brighter? Download our new app on iOS or Android now!

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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Shopify Product Photos for Pinterest

Improve your Shopify Product Photos - two product photos on an orange background

Question: do your Shopify product photos dazzle your customers and increase sales, or do they leave shoppers unimpressed and unsure of what they’re buying?

As shopping at e-commerce online stores skyrockets, your images play a huge role in sales. However, sometimes you’re at the mercy of product photos provided by the manufacturer if dropshipping is your main source of inventory.

An example of provided manufacturer photos

Good product photos not only showcase your products (hopefully) in their best possible light, they also give subtle indicators of quality, trust, and lifestyle fit.

And there’s nowhere these product photos are more important than on Pinterest!

Pinterest themselves have acknowledged the uptick in e-commerce by introducing new partnerships like the Pinterest for Shopify app and features like the coveted Pinterest Verified Merchant Program

So, making your product stand out with quality photos on Pinterest is important.

If your Shopify product photos are lacking a little something, use the tips and tricks below to up the quality – and the sales!

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You’ll be creating a meaningful, eye-catching shopping experience on Pinterest in no time!

Which Product Photos Work Best on Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a major shopping destination, with over 47% of users going to the app with the intent to purchase.

Even those who are just window shopping get ideas for later, with 87% of shoppers using Pinterest at some point in their buying journey. 

With so many people finding new products on Pinterest, eye-catching product images are essential.

But, are clear photos enough to compete with tons of other content? 

While shoppers appreciate clear, polished photos, you can also get ahead with aesthetic product photos that accomplish more!

Photos that evoke emotion, tell stories or show your product in a lifestyle setting get attention from Pinterest users. 

On Pinterest, basic product photos can quickly look bland and blend into the rows and rows of inspiring Pins.

And usually, outfit selfies or content reused from Instagram just can’t compete with other sleekly designed Product Pins. 

How to Get Shopify Product Pictures That Work on Pinterest 

Since Pinterest automatically generates Product Pins using the first image of your Shopify product, it’s crucial to put your best photo forward. How you get that best product photo is another story!

Sell more on Pinterest by keeping these tips and tricks in mind when filling your Shopify product catalog with customer-friendly images. 

1. Take Your Own Product Photos 

Of course, it’s tough to take product pictures when you don’t have the physical inventory in your hands.

Dropshipping businesses who use Oberlo or other manufacturer marketplaces often struggle to find high-quality photos provided by merchants. 

The solution is to buy a sample from your manufacturer.

This small investment pays off big because you then have the creative freedom over your product photos.

Whether you’re creating branded photos, flat lays, or lifestyle settings, you can increase the performance of your Pin on Pinterest.

2. Use a Photo Editing App to Touch Up Your Images 

Are the images from your supplier too dark or otherwise unappealing? Perhaps, your own photo shoots leave unsightly shadows. No worries! Use an image editing app to turn your photos into works of art. 

Drag and drop editing programs are easy to use. The features help you select the right image size, manipulate lighting, reduce shadows, and make colors pop out of the page. 

[sc name=”ivory-mix-webinar-evergreen”]

3. Remove the Background From Your Image 

Shoppers want to see original photos. When you use a stock photo from a manufacturer, it’s hard to brand them as your own.

Plus, if it’s clearly a stock photo or product photo they may have seen before, respectability and trust might go out the window.

But while taking your own images is a great idea, you don’t always have access to the right background props.

Or maybe you’re just not able to invest in a set that showcases your product in the best light.

One of our favorite fixes? Removing the background entirely!

Tools like Canva, PicMonkey, or Adobe Spark help you clip your product out of the picture and create a new backdrop!

Now you can use your clipped photo in designs and on an aesthetic background to give your Product Pin a polished look and grow your Shopify store

4. Use Minimalist Designs and Photos to Accentuate Your Product 

Minimalist design wins big on Pinterest, so it’s worth incorporating this style into your Shopify product photo strategy. 

A minimalist design is simple, using only essential elements, shapes and color palettes.

Balance your images with plenty of white space.

You can also use lifestyle photography techniques to display your products in use or motion. 

The result is a memorable Product Pin that’s pleasing to the eyes.

Related Reading: Pinterest Pin Design 101: Creative Best Practices

5. Tell a Story With Your Product Images and Designs 

Few people do much reading on Pinterest. It’s all about the visuals!

Your text should be as short and concise as possible in your Pinterest Pin descriptions

You need your image to do the talking for you.

Your product photography (or videography) should tell a story about your product and what you can do with it. 

Walk shoppers through your product benefits by capturing your product in use, highlighting before and after images, and using appropriate settings for your piece! 

6. Create Product Flat Lay Photos 

Some of the easiest and most impactful product photos on Pinterest are flat lays!

A flat lay image is when you take a picture from above the item, like a bird’s eye view.

You may add a slight angle to avoid shadows, but an overhead shot is the best. 

Start creating your photo by placing your product on a colorful or styled backdrop.

Consider laying out a full outfit or multiple colors of the same style product.

Or arrange your beauty products in a diagonal pattern across your background!

Then, add in props and accents like flowers, bowls, candles or whatever helps you tell your product story best!

7. Carefully Curate User-Generated Content 

Even if you can’t take product photos yourself, you’re not out of luck!

Recruit customers or influencers to create pictures and Pinterest videos with your product to use for promotion. 

You can reach out directly to influencers relevant to your niche.

Before selecting an influencer, review past photos and make sure their images complement your brand’s style. 

Or host a photo contest to get fan images of your products.

Devise simple contest rules and give suggestions for capturing photos in the best light. 

Once you get a pile of UGC, toss out low-quality, blurry, or overly filtered photos.

Where necessary, you can lightly edit the images to remove shadows or remove the background for use in your branded design. 

Schedule Your Pinterest Product Pins with Tailwind 

Sharing fresh content is vital to increasing Pinterest views. By starting with good Shopify catalog images, you can easily create Product Rich Pins. 

Save yourself time and delight shoppers by scheduling your product image Pins with Tailwind for Pinterest. Tailwind automatically pulls over product information, like price and description, so you can spend more time creating fresh new content!

Get your [sc name=”free-trial-of-tailwind-for-Pinterest”] no credit card required, and boost your Pinterest views and Shopify sales today!

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High-quality, original Shopify product photos boost sales! Here are some tips for Ecommerce stores struggling to find images that work.

How to Add Stickers to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stickers on a purple background

Want to convey emotions, take a poll, or encourage donations on your Instagram posts? You can do all of the above with Instagram Story Stickers!

It’s easy to add GIFs or a sticker in your Story. Simply choose your favorite graphic designs to instantly boost your Instagram marketing efforts!

Ready to learn how to add stickers on Instagram to increase engagement and get more views on your Instagram Stories? Let’s dive in!  

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What Are Instagram Stickers?

Instagram stickers, like a poll or music sticker, are in-app decorations for your photos and videos – no editing required! Simply pick a GIF image or video and put them in any place where you want to add extra flair.  

Depending on your mood (and brand goals), you can also select interactive stickers to ask your followers questions, take polls or respond to challenges!

And if you don’t find any stickers on Instagram that you like, you can create your own! (We’ll talk more about how to design an original sticker below.)

Types of Instagram Stickers You Can Add to Instagram Stories

There are tons of stickers to choose from on Instagram. Some are purely decorative or used to express your feelings. Others serve as interactive tools for engaging with followers! 

With the right stickers, your Story will show up in a specific story feed. Some GIF stickers come with unique features and animations, too!

Learn how to get cool stickers on Instagram by picking GIF stickers and emojis, special occasion stickers, and interactive Instagram Story stickers.

1. GIF Stickers and Emojis

Here at Tailwind, we love emojis, and we know you do too!

So it’s great that you can add emojis as stickers to your Instagram Story.

These are the same as the emojis found in the iOS and Android libraries.

Of course, you can also add static (non-moving) and moving GIF stickers to your Story.

You’ll find many popular GIFs in the sticker tray or use the search bar to look for stickers that fit a specific phrase or theme! 

Instagram Sticker Tray - searching for Gifs and emojis

2. Special Occasion Instagram Stickers

Special occasion stickers are a fun way to celebrate a holiday or show solidarity with a movement. 

For instance, Instagram published Stickers in support of Black Lives Matter and protests across the globe, Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month, and Pride Month, and a campaign to encourage voting in the upcoming US election.

Plus, you get bonus features when you use special occasion Instagram stickers. Some add a colorful ring around your icon, whereas others add your Story to a special Story collection that appears at the beginning of the Story feed. 

Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month Sticker on Instagram
instagram story ring special effects

3. Interactive Instagram Story Stickers

Now the interactive Instagram Story stickers are where it really gets exciting. Each one allows your social media viewers to interact with you or the brands featured in your Story. 

Boost engagement and create an incredible experience by trying out these interactive Story stickers:

  • Donation Sticker: With a donate sticker, fans can tap it and donate to your selected charity!
  • Challenge Sticker: Get friends to join you in the latest Instagram challenge using this sticker.
  • Countdown Sticker: Going on vacation or hosting a giveaway? Use a countdown sticker for real-time excitement.
  • Location Sticker: Delight local fans by sharing a location sticker that brings them to a page with other local brands.
  • Questions Sticker: Encourage fans to ask you a question or share your favorite song.
  • Quiz Sticker: Your followers can answer your quiz question and find out how others scored.
  • DM Me: Ask a question, use a prompt, or customize a CTA to get fans to click and send you a message. 
  • Poll Sticker or Emoji Slider Sticker: Fans love voting in your Instagram Story poll by clicking your sticker or sliding the emoji over. 
  • Food Orders Sticker and Gift Cards Stickers: Support your fav companies with stickers your fans can tap to make a purchase.
  • Music Sticker: This Instagram sticker lets you share your favorite part of a song and even display lyrics.
  • Hashtag Sticker: Help fans find more content like yours with a hashtag sticker, which leads to a hashtag page.
  • Support Small Business Sticker: Find a local small business to support, share the sticker, and get added to a shared IG Story. 
  • Selfie Sticker and Photo Sticker (New): Turn your beautiful face into a selfie sticker and add it to your Story.
  • Time and Weather Stickers: Enhance your travel Story with stickers that show the time and weather conditions.

How to Add Stickers to Your Instagram Stories

Honestly, the best part about adding stickers to your Instagram Stories is that it’s super easy! Simply follow these steps to learn how to put stickers on photos in Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram App.

2. Tap the camera icon in the upper left corner.

3. Add your photo.

4. Tap the Sticker button (a square with a smiley face) to open the sticker tray.

5. Find the sticker you want and tap it.

6. Use one finger to drag and drop the sticker into the desired location.

7. Use two thumbs to pinch or expand the sticker into the desired size.

8. Finish creating your Story and post.

Sticker on Instagram Story

How to Create Your Own Stickers on Instagram Stories

Add a personal touch to your social media channels with your own branded stickers! Doing so is a great way to increase brand awareness and show authenticity. Follow these steps to figure out how to get a sticker on Instagram that fits your brand image.

Add a Sticker From Your Camera Roll

You can turn any photo or GIF into a sticker as long as it has a transparent background. After you save your image to your camera roll, open your Instagram app, then go through these actions:

1. Open Instagram Stories and select an image or video for the background.

2. Without closing the Instagram app, navigate to your camera roll.

3. Open the image in your camera roll and select share options.

4. Select copy photo.

5. Return to Instagram Stories, and you’ll see a popup with the image appear.

6. Tap Add Sticker.

how to add a sticker to Instagram Stories

Use Instagram Stories Stickers to Connect With Your Audience

Instagram Stories appeal to your fans because they’re more raw and expressive than other formats. Plus, followers love interacting with your brand via stickers!

Need Instagram Story inspiration? Start delighting your audience with our FREE Instagram Story Template guide!

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When you grab Tailwind Instagram Story Starters, you’ll get four weeks of daily Instagram Stories content – and all the steps required to make them!

Whether you’re looking to promote your products, learn about your followers, or simply get more engagement, Tailwind Story Starters will help!

You’ll also have all the latest Instagram Stories tools at your fingertips, including stickers! Download your free copy of Tailwind Story Starters now!

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How to Find Relevant Hashtags for Instagram

header image - pens forming a hashtag on purple background

You know finding hashtags are important, but with millions of posts on social media at your fingertips – how do you find relevant hashtags for Instagram posts?

Hashtags are one of the most effective ways to get more likes on Instagram.

After all, specific hashtags help your posts get seen by those who aren’t already following you.

That expands your reach faster over time!

Bottom line: If you’re not using hashtags, then you’re not getting as much engagement on your posts as you could be!

According to our data, 9% of Instagram users use no hashtags, and 27% use less than 3 hashtags per post.

Let’s pump that engagement rate up with a few easy steps to find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts.

1. Do Your Research on Instagram Hashtags

There’s a hashtag for everything. Yet, not every hashtag attracts your targeted audience.

Start with hashtag research to increase engagement and get more eyes on your posts. Find hashtags for Instagram by doing 2 things.

  • Look at competitor feeds. Check out which hashtags your competition uses on top-performing posts. 
  • Click on the Explore page and observe the trending pages. Take note of the popular hashtags people use on top posts and Instagram Stories.

2. Find Your Niche Hashtags

Now, you have a list of trending hashtags that’ll boost your visibility on Instagram to start you off.

Next, find relevant hashtags specific to your audience and niche. Doing so maximizes your chances of engagement with your core group of followers! 

Niche hashtags attract fans with an interest in your brand, services, and products.

First, think about your industry, then do a few hashtag searches for keywords.

Look for hashtags with less than 500,000 posts as well. These are low volume hashtags that help your brand stand out against less competition. 

And Don’t forget to save your hashtags in hashtag lists to make posting on Instagram easy!

3. Check Out Local Hashtags

Providing local services or products? You might want to target a specific area. Just enter a few location-based keywords terms into the search bar for hashtags in your area. Here’s how to find local hashtags on Instagram:

  • Look at Instagram’s suggested tags. Type in your state, then note hashtags for your industry. 
  • Check out local businesses, like radio stations. Find hashtags similar to your brand and location.
  • Search hashtags for micro-locations like your city or nicknames for your area.

4. Try Branded Hashtags

Always include one or more branded hashtags on your Instagram posts!

Doing so helps you track brand recognition and reach. Plus, it’s a great way to get your fans involved.

Followers who use your branded hashtag while sharing user-generated content on Instagram keep your branded hashtag page thriving and give you plenty of materials! 

Make sure to call out your branded hashtag in your Instagram bio so your existing followers and new ones can join the fun!

But, if you don’t have a big following, then branded hashtags won’t give you a lot of traction at first. That’s why it’s essential to find hashtags for Instagram in many different ways! 

5. Use Tools to Find Hashtags

If you’re stuck on how to find hashtags, then consider using Instagram hashtag tools. Free or low-cost apps help you find high and low volume keywords. 

After all trending hashtags frequently change, so you’ll need to stay on top of your hashtag game with regular hashtag research. This can get time-consuming, though.

That’s why it’s advisable to use a tool to find hashtags perfect for your latest campaigns. 

Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder Makes It Easy!

Are you ready to find relevant Instagram hashtags? Hashtag Finder suggests Instagram tags as you craft your post in Tailwind.

GIF demonstrating Tailwinds hashtag finder for searching relevant hashtags on instagram

Type the caption of a draft post, and Tailwind Hashtag Finder suggests related hashtags for you to choose from.

Add any of the suggestions to your caption with one click.

The Instagram Hashtag Finder will immediately update your suggested hashtags accordingly, like magic! Try it out for yourself with a [sc name= ‘free-trial-of-tailwind-for-instagram’] – no credit card required!

Here are three ways you can use Hashtag Finder to find relevant Instagram hashtags quickly.

1. Choose Your Hashtags Wisely

Find the right hashtags for Instagram with our smart color-coding system. It uses colors to help you make quick and informed choices between different hashtags.

The colors guide you towards using the “Good” and “Best” hashtags where your post is most likely to be competitive.

But, the color-coding system also alerts you to “Niche” hashtags that don’t get much usage along with “Competitive” tags where your post may get buried. 

If you want to see how often a hashtag is used on Instagram, simply hover over a given hashtag, and you’ll see the number of posts attached to that hashtag!

In this extensive post on Instagram hashtag research, we recommend that you use a variety of hashtags: 

  • One or two “Competitive” ones
  • Some highly-targeted “Niche” ones (if they exist), 
  • A fair number of “Good” and “Best” ones. 

Just make sure all the hashtags you use are relevant to your post.

Our handy hashtag counter even counts up how many hashtags are on your post. Instagram limits the number of hashtags to 30 per post, so you want to stay under that!

If you’re curious about how many hashtags to use per post and how to brainstorm and deploy them, this Instagram hashtag strategy works for anyone. Our Hashtag Finder helps you find the right hashtags for Instagram quickly and easily!

See just how intuitive Tailwind’s Instagram Hashtag Finder is in this short demo video.

2. Shuffle Hashtags for Even Fresher Tags

If you don’t like the hashtags you find, our “Hashtag Shuffle” feature gives you access to every hashtag suggestion we have and updates those suggestions as you add more hashtags or more text to your caption.

If you’re looking for the easiest way to find hashtags for Instagram, Hashtag Finder does the job for you and more. 

Hashtag Finder is also available on the Tailwind mobile app (make sure you have updated to the latest version to access it)!

According to a study by Track Maven, Instagram accounts that use 9 hashtags per post get more than 2.5x as much engagement per post as accounts that only use only one, so get tagging!

3. Save Even More Time With Hashtag Lists

The fun doesn’t stop there either. After you find relevant hashtags, then our Hashtag Lists feature is the perfect complement to Hashtag Finder.

Come up with the right blend of tags and copy them into a hashtag list. Next, save it with a unique name. Now you’re ready to add your favorite hashtags to any future post with just a few clicks!

Hashtag lists in Tailwind App

Tailwind Hashtag Lists are already saving marketers hours. Now, you can refresh stale hashtag lists with new tags in minutes with up to 30 hashtags.

Just add an existing hashtag list to your caption and explore the recommendations automatically generated by Hashtag Finder!

And did we mention, you can even tuck your hashtags in the first comment with a click of a button? No more messy captions.

With more features being added all the time, Tailwind for Instagram is an indispensable tool for marketers who want to grow their Instagram presence and find relevant hashtags for their business.

Since we’re an official Instagram Partner, we focus on building a product that helps you build long-term success on the platform!

Don’t worry – we comply with Instagram’s Terms of Service to keep your account (and your personal information) safe. ☺️

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