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Back to School Craft Ideas on Pinterest

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Back-to-School It is almost that time of the year when your young ones are getting pumped for yet another school year! To show just how much we appreciate teachers who have the high pressure job of moulding our kid’s minds while their in school, we have some great back to school craft ideas on Pinterest to show teachers just how much we appreciate them! 29bbbce6a5c9586f2cab1d9a4665c258 I Heart Naptime has a ton of cool baggy ideas for your kids to take their teachers/classmates in school. We like this one because we have a thing for being sassy. 607bdb8855cd182a3f2b3a1a2e414c08 Achieving Creative Order has a pretty good selection of “punny” products for your kids’ back-to-school gifts. Notes like the above attached to a strawberry soda is all the rage these days. 89030e6bdfbd078c6ff8cddd1e38a4c9 Another one from I Heart Naptime: leave your young one a note on chalk-able bag to motivate him in school and calm those back to school nerves. 094841e9b4e906022f1ab73885edab5e If you have the time to get really crafty, here’s an idea from I Heart Naptime using everyday school stationary to make a pretty wreath for you kiddo’s favorite teacher! c8611c61e508b687844c5f8b296281dcStarbucks gifts cards make a great gift for teachers – take it up a notch and add colored pens (teachers could always use more pens) in a Starbucks cup along with the gift card!

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