Tanya Anderson has done what many of us dream of doing – she’s turned her blog, Lovely Greens, into a full-fledged business. A few years ago she was selling soap and beauty products at a single farmer’s market stand. Now, with some hard work and some smart marketing, she’s gotten her products into six shops, a high-end online marketplace and has started selling them through her own website.

Even so, attracting quality website traffic and customers can be challenging and time-consuming. When Tanya noticed a sharp uptick in her blog’s traffic after sharing do-it-yourself garden and soap-making projects to Pinterest, she started to take Pinterest marketing seriously and discovered that Tailwind could accelerate her results – and save a tremendous amount of time that she frankly didn’t have!

In Tanya’s own words, “Tailwind has been incredible because Pinterest as a tool for me to get traffic has been a game changer.”

The Problem: Handwritten Planning & Spreadsheets Wasted Time

Tanya began to notice a pattern in her most successful Pins: They continued to attract repins and clicks month after month (and year after year.) Her Pinterest traffic was compounding!

But a problem popped-up: Resharing her most popular Pins at the right times to the right Boards started to get complicated — fast.

So, Tanya cobbled together a solution to organize hundreds of popular Pins for resharing to ensure that the traffic would keep compounding. A “somewhat clunky” weekly system that combined paper notes with a lengthy spreadsheet.

Every week she’d sit down for at least 30 minutes to plan out her weekly pinning strategy. She’d look at her big spreadsheet of all her content, write out a plan, by hand, what to share when, and then schedule it for the next few days using Tailwind.

Her clever workaround using Tailwind scheduling proved better than manual pinning, but it carried frustrating downsides too. The makeshift re-sharing process took too long and so she found herself neglecting her older content.

“I found it challenging to actually get those Pins to the right Boards without seeming spammy or wasting a lot of time that I could be using to create more content,” said Tanya.

The Solution: SmartLoop

Tanya ditched pen-and-paper planning and started using Tailwind SmartLoop.

“Switching to SmartLoop has been incredible,” she said. “Since I started using SmartLoop, the time I spend manually scheduling my backlog of Pins every week has been reduced to almost zero.”

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Life With SmartLoop

Taking just one afternoon to organize her current Pins into an assortment of evergreen and seasonal Loops dramatically simplified Tanya’s sharing strategy for Lovely Greens.

Tanya’s current SmartLoop setup includes 12 Loops. She’s sorted her Pins into Seasonal Loops such as ‘DIY Christmas Gift Ideas’ and more general, evergreen loops like ‘BEST Gardening Ideas’.

Each Loop’s schedule takes care to only post to certain Boards at the right times.
This means SmartLoop will share out Tanya’s Christmas Pins from October to December every single year — and there’s no risk of any slipping through the cracks or getting a late start.

Best of all, Tanya set up Board rules so that she only posts to particular Boards so many times per day. “The last thing I want to do is break any group Board rules and annoy the admin,” she said.

Now when a new blog post goes live, Tanya can easily add her Pins to the most relevant Loops automatically and stop worrying about their promotion. In her words, “They know when and where to pin themselves.” Ah, SmartLoop – turning regular old content into smart Pins that know when to appear on Pinterest. Now, that’s smart!

Being Able to See What’s Working Makes All the Difference

Tanya loves how easy SmartLoop makes it to see the overall performance of a piece of content as it’s re-shared across different Pins and Boards. This makes performance-boosting changes a snap.

When some Pins receive fewer repins than the others in the same Loop, it’s easy to spot them and refresh them quickly by swapping in a fresh image, description, or hashtag. If a content piece still doesn’t get any engagement, it’s a snap to remove upcoming Pins from every Board in one place.

“SmartLoop helps me to automatically share Pins that are already engaging and to test the engagement of new ones,” Tanya said. “It’s honing my Pinterest presence to just the Pins that I know people will find value in. “

Actual Results Using SmartLoop

After less than two months of using SmartLoop, Tanya saved hours of manual pinning and witnessed impressive results:

  • 860+ Pins published through SmartLoop
  • 1,700+ total repins
  • 3,092 sessions to her blog from SmartLoop in 43 days


Final Takeaway: Could Smarter Resharing Give You More Time & Traffic?

Not only did SmartLoop save Tanya from hours of looking at spreadsheets every month — her new resharing strategy has breathed fresh life into her old Pins too.

“If you’re considering whether or not SmartLoop is for you I’d take a step back and think about the amount of time you’re spending on Pinterest, or even manually scheduling on Tailwind,” Tanya said.

“If you feel that you could better use that time to create content instead, then you’ll have your answer.”