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5 Keys to Creating a Blog Post That’s Pinterest Perfect

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We’ve talked a bit about how to use Pinterest to make more money blogging, now let’s talk about creating a blog post that’s absolutely perfect for Pinterest. Implement these 5 key components and you’ll have a blog post that’s optimized for Pinterest before you even hit “publish”.

5 Keys to Creating a Blog Post That's Pinterest Perfect

Vertical Image

Every Pinterest-perfect blog post contains at least one vertical, high-quality image. The image you really want to promote on Pinterest should be at the top of your post and have a good pin description, written in the alt text portion of the photo. This gives Pinterest users the best visual experience and supplies them with an pin that already contains an optimized description. The width-to-length ratio should be at least 2:3, with a minimum width of 735 pixels. However, you are not held to 735 if it doesn’t fit your blog. Adjust down to no smaller than 550 with the option to expand, and add a readable text-overlay. Remember, 80% of Pinterest users are on mobile, so if it’s a funky color or curly font, chances are they will scroll past your awesome pin because they can’t read it.

If you have an older post with multiple horizontal images and you don’t want to take new photos, simply stack the photos with a text box in the middle to create a longer photo. This can be done in Canva or PicMonkey.

5 Keys to Creating a Blog Post That's Pinterest Perfect

Bonus tip — add a Pin it button right below the photo. The location of the button makes it easy for readers and followers to pin. You can even get fancy here and add a ghost photo that isn’t in the post but will pull up when people pin, which can be done with plugins like Social Warfare. This gives you the freedom to make a photo with larger dimensions, even if it doesn’t fit within your post.


Captain obvious here, but you need to actually write something useful and helpful. It doesn’t have to be a 2000 word essay, but there should be some well-written content to go with your Pinterest-ready images. Your words have the potential to build relationships and compel the reader to keep clicking on more of your content.

Second bonus tip: If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for new content posts, check your Pinterest analytics. What are Pinterest users already clicking on? Is there a theme? Do they prefer a certain type of craft, food, topic or tutorial? Let your audience be your guide.

Internal Links

Let’s say you have an awesome coffee recipe that has gone viral on Pinterest. When users click over for your coffee recipe, lead them down the rabbit trail through your site by adding internal links. I know some of your blog posts took HOURS to create and it would be a shame to let that hard work go to waste. Pepper internal links naturally throughout the post to encourage more clicks. Just remember – that content needs to be helpful!

Thumbnail Photos

Pinterest users like to click on photos, which can definitely work to your advantage. Add small thumbnail photos at the bottom of your post to help them find more related content on your site. If you have a post talking about how to organize your garage, add small photos linking to other organizing posts you’ve written. Just be sure to do a quick scan of the content you’re promoting to ensure those images are optimized for Pinterest, too.

Email Sign Up

Email signs up are a great way to build your audience and make money blogging. Placing a sign-up box at the bottom of your post makes it easy for readers to enter their email address. Consider adding colors and styles to create consistent branding. OptinMonster make it super simple to customizable email boxes that you can add to your site.

What’s your most helpful tip in creating a blog post that’s optimized for Pinterest? Let us know in the comments! 


Kate runs Simple Pin Media where they help bloggers and business owners understand and manage their Pinterest page to drive more traffic and generate more income.

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