The Story of Pinterest Idea Pins (aka Story Pins)

Pinterest’s user base has grown to over 475 million monthly active users.  Gen Z and Millennial Pinners are joining in record numbers, effectively changing the makeup of the audience. And
Hand and Clock - blog post header - How to schedule Pins to Pinterest

How to Schedule Pins to Pinterest – For Free

Are you taking advantage of the traffic-boosting power of Pinterest? Are you saving new content regularly, sharing Pins which engage your followers, and remaining consistent to boot? Have you been


How Alexa Webb Trailblazed a Path for Plus-Size Fashion

I had the opportunity to sit down with Alexa Webb and discuss her story of building a fashion empire after she saw a lack of inclusion in the industry for

Building a DIY Wedding Planning Space with Bobette Kyle

Bobette Kyle is no stranger to the stress of wedding planning. In fact, her experience trying to plan an elopement online was so stressful, she decided to do something about


How to Save, Download and Share Instagram Stories!

Psst, did you know you can save, download and share not only your own Instagram Story but other accounts Stories too?! (Well, you may not be able to download someone

How to Edit and Delete Instagram Stories and Highlights!

Instagram Stories are a crucial factor in not only your account’s engagement, but in retaining your audience members. In a study by Social Insider, they found that brands who posted

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