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Finding Your New Pinterest BFF

So, you’ve been on Pinterest for a while and you have a nice comfortable group of accounts to follow. They include a few friends, some co-workers and a few business accounts. But day after day you see the same kind of images over and over. You see your sister’s pins of Hawaii that help her for the trip she’s planning. You see your co-worker’s endless stream of patio ideas for the big project he has coming up this spring. You follow you favorite magazine and while you love their beauty and fashion pins, you could care less about their wedding pins.

The latest thing that you’re passionate about is making SMOOTHIES!





The Power of the Search Box

Pinterest to can help you find others who share your passion and it all begins with the search box.



Searching Pins

Using the example of smoothies, if you type the word in the search box and hit enter or click on the magnifying glass, you’ll get a page full of smoothie pins to choose from.






On this page of smoothie pins you might find some great pins to add to your new smoothie board. To make the most of the individual pin search, be sure to read the board that it was pinned to and the comments located underneath the pins. Here you could find a board that has just the kind of pins you’re looking for or a whole new account to follow.

Use the ‘command f‘ on a Mac or ‘control f‘ on a PC to find each time the word smoothie is used on the page. This will highlight the word and make it easier to find it in the board name and in comments. With this trick, I was able to find the Pinterest account for that has nearly 50 smoothie recipes.  Jackpot, a new account to follow!



Searching Boards

You can also search for boards with smoothie in the title. You can do this by searching for smoothie in the search box then clicking ‘Boards’. Here you’ll be able to browse through a page of boards with ‘smoothie’ in the title. Most of the boards found with this search were simply titled ‘Smoothies’ but there were a few people that got a little more creative with their board titles. I found “smoothies and such’ and ‘Smoothies 🙂 ‘ in a couple of board titles.

***Bonus Tip*** If you would like your boards to easily be found in searches, make sure to include a common search term or keyword in the title. I’m sure there are other boards out there called ‘healthy drinks’ or ‘frosty and tasty’ that have smoothie recipes but won’t be as easy to find.




 Searching Pinners

Just as you can search for individual pins and boards, you can also search for accounts. This is where Pinterest’s search function can lead you to a goldmine or to a dead end.




In my pinners search on Pinterest for smoothies, I was able to find the accounts of smoothie recipe websites, smoothie shops and smoothie products. I was also given some results that didn’t make sense. There were a couple that didn’t have smoothie in the name or in the title of any boards. There were a few accounts that had no pins at all which looked pretty suspicious.


Keep your boards interesting and fresh by following others on Pinterest. Your search might start out with something simple like smoothies, but as you look closer at the account you might find that you have a lot more in common. Who knows, you might find your Pinterest BFF (Best Friend Forever).  A good place to start is with following my Pinterest account by clicking here! Just kidding! 😉  



All screen shots from  on 12/20/12    


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