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Friday Quick Tip: Give your Pinterest Account Some Personality

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Have you fallen victim to boring Pinterest syndrome? Is your Pinterest account collecting cobwebs? Do you want more followers? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is written just for you.



In social situations we usually want our personality to shine right? The same applies to social media including Pinterest. Lately I have been seeing a lot of this:




This account (who’s name I blocked to protect their identity) has an account with some very nice pins and boards. They obviously repin from other pinners but their about section is blank and they haven’t uploaded a profile picture. Boring!

The about section, located under the account name, is one place you can show some personality. Tell us a little about yourself or tell us what kinds of things you like to pin.


Profile Pictures

If you’re pinning for a business, tell us what your business is about or what we can expect to find here that’s different from your website.



Please add a profile picture. The generic pin is well, just so generic. Even if you think you’re not photogenic put a picture of your favorite place or your cat, just put something!

If you are using Pinterest for business purposes this is a must and a logo works great here. Followers can quickly identify your pins when they scan their stream by your profile image.

The about section and profile image can be changed by clicking the Edit Profile button on your main page where you see your boards. You can also hover over your current profile image on the top right corner of any page and select settings from the drop-down menu.


Board Titles and Descriptions

When it comes to board names, Pinterest used to give you a few to start with like Places and Spaces, Favorite Recipes and My Style. Those are good but you can rename these to something that is more “you”. For example, I changed Favorite Recipes to Recipes That Make Me Say Yum. Not that big of a change but it’s me. Just remember, if you want to see the whole name of the board on your main page it has to be 21 characters or less.



The place on your board where you can really let your personality come out is in the description of each board. You have 500 characters to work with.  I wouldn’t recommend using all 500 characters unless you have a really good story to tell. On my recipe board description I wrote : So I try to Pin healthy things but sometimes, I have to give in to those bad boys. Carbs and me go way back why ruin a good relationship? 


If you’re a business or blogger running a Pinterest contest, this is a good place to put contest instructions and a link to the official rules.


Your board can even be liked on Facebook. Making it interesting and “likable” can bring you more followers that you can then follow back since they obviously have the good taste to follow you.


How do you let your personality show on Pinterest?





Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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