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Group boards on Pinterest are pretty special feature.  A group board has pins just like a regular board but, there are multiple contributors to that single board.  This can be useful when planning a group project, sharing similar interests or for featuring a guest pinner to your Pinterest community.

How to Add a Group Board 

Click on the Add+ button from the top right menu bar and the Add screen will pop up. Click on create a board


The screen below will appear. Fill in the boxes as usual when creating a new board but, in the Who can pin box, type in the first few letters of  someone you follow that you’d like to invite to contribute to that board.  A drop-down list of names will appear for you to choose from, then click invite.




The people you invite will be notified on their main Pinterest page that they have been invited to join a group board.

Here’s what the invitation will look like:




Group boards have a silhouette of people next to the number of pins on that board




You can also make existing boards into group boards by adding contributors. Simply click on the edit tab beneath the board to get to the screen below and invite contributors.



You want to be careful with who you invite to contribute to your group boards. As with all of your other boards, group boards are public so anybody contributing can pin whatever they want.  Also, anyone contributing to that board can invite anyone they follow. So, once the door is open almost anyone can come in.

It might help to use the description box to include board rules so it is clear what is acceptable to pin to the board. If you find yourself with an inappropriate contributor, you can remove them from the list in the edit screen too.



Group Boards in Action

Here is in example of  a group board that I belong to gone awry, but in a good way.  The description says it is supposed to be about favorite books, it is called Nerds United. There are 836 contributors to this board and 9,654 pins. Very few of these pins are about books most are about Dr. Who and other nerdy things. But, that seems to be OK. It has 3,379 followers and is one of the most active boards I contribute to.



Brands are also jumping on to the group board bandwagon.

Etsy collaborated with Martha Stewart Living for their Halloween board. The group board will appear in both accounts, this is a great way for complementary businesses to share their Pinterest communities.




Better Homes and Gardens invited bloggers to pin their favorite BHG recipes on their board. Doing this allows BHG content to be added to their Pinterest account without looking self-promoting.  This is also good for the bloggers since group boards appear in every contributor’s profile. Their followers can see that they are part of a Better Homes and Gardens board.



Group boards can be useful for:

  • Project planning
  • Sharing similar interests
  • Featuring a special contributor
  • Sharing your pins with an audience beyond your followers

How to Find a Group Board on Pinterest

Are you part of any group boards? Will you be making any of your own? How will you use them?




Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  1. Avatar

    Great info!! 🙂 And one of these days when I get back to Pinterest, I’ll contribute!! 😉 Happy weekend to you!!

  2. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia! Thanks for the group board tips.

    I’m not sure if Pinterest changed the rules, but it seems that I can’t invite everyone that I’m following. Perhaps they need to follow me also. I tried sending invitations but some of the people I follow do not appear in the list of options.

    Also, can we invite business pages or just personal profile?

    • Avatar

      Ileane, you’re absolutely right, Pinterest has changed the rules. How sneaky!

      It does seem that they need to follow you before you can invite them to join your group board. However, it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a personal or a business account.

      One work around I have for this is to send the person you’d like to invite to your board an email. In the box where you type in the names of people to invite simply type in their email instead and click invite. When I tried this, I emailed an invitation to myself on a non Pinterest linked email address. It seemed to get stuck, nothing happened. I backed out of the page and checked my email and I had received the invitation.

      Hope this makes sense. Thanks so much for your question 🙂

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