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Tired of waiting for a Pinterest invite? We’ve got you covered.

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As Pinterest’s popularity skyrockets, many newcomers are surprised to learn that they can’t join in the fun without an invitation. At PinLeague, we’re frequently asked how to get a Pinterest invite sooner- with many users reporting that they’ve waited weeks or months for a Pinterest invitation. If you find yourself in this predicament, fear not. We’ve outlined a number of ways you can get a Pinterest invitation- as well as some traps to avoid!

How to Get a Free Pinterest Invitation

(1) Request an invite directly from Pinterest. Got to and select “Join Pinterest.” Follow the instructions to request an invitation (you’ll be asked to link a facebook or twitter account or provide your e-mail address). The wait time can be long, as the site continues to grow in popularity.

(2) Find someone who already has a Pinterest account to send you a Pinterest invite.

Tell Friends to Look for “Invite Friends” Under Their Account Menu

Current users can invite you with just your email address. If you are requesting an invite from a source you know and trust, it should not be a problem. See if you Mom or best friend has a few Pinterest invites left to share.

As is always the case when something gets “hot”, there are always a few bad guys out there looking to cash in on the demand for Pinterest invites. In addition to selling invites (plain greedy in our opinion), some people have shared their email in response to Craigslist ads or Facebook posts only to find themselves bombarded with spam. Worse, some have had their email account hijacked. Use common sense and be safe. On site that we hear is quick, responsive and safe is Free Pinterest Invite Code.

(3) Ask Tailwind. If you don’t know anyone with a Pinterest invitation to spare, don’t despair – and don’t pay for one. Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help. If you want to say “thank you,” simply follow PinLeague on Pinterest for helpful Pinterest tips and tricks as a “thank you.” 🙂

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