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Pinterest can be a very powerful tool for business owners. In a recent Oh So Pinteresting podcast episode, we heard from Kate Bryan about the millions of pageviews her blog receives from Pinterest every month. Bizrate Insights found in a recent study, 70% of those surveyed used Pinterest to get inspiration on what to buy.

The best way to make sure your business reaps the benefits of Pinterest is to have your products and/or content shared on Pinterest. But, have you made it easy for your customers to share your content on Pinterest?

Get Pinned! Pinterest Pin it Button for WordPress

The easiest way to give the visitors to your site the opportunity to share your products or content on Pinterest is to have a Pin it button on every page. If you use WordPress there is an easy-to-use plugin called the Pinterest “Pin it” Button by Phil Derksen.

I have been using this button for over a year because it’s easy to use and easy to customize. My favorite features are being able to assign a specific image from each blog post and include a pre-written pin description. Phil and I recently had the chance to talk about the plugin and its features for this week’s podcast episode.

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***Bonus*** To receive 20% off the Pro “Pin It” Button plugin, use discount code PODCAST until June 15, 2013. Thanks Phil!

Phil is always looking to make sure that you have the best experience possible with the plugin if you have any questions about it or have some suggestions for features that you would like to see included in it, just let him know.

Thanks so much for listening in to this week’s episode of the podcast! If you have a moment I would really appreciate it if you hopped on over to iTunes and left a review 🙂

***Correction*** In this week’s quick Pinterest tip in the podcast, I mentioned an update that Pinterest has made to the way tall images are displayed. This only applies to the desktop version of Pinterest, not to the mobile apps.

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