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Getting Back to Pinterest Basics OSP Episode: 007

Pinterest has a new look but there are some things that remain the same when it comes to being a success with Pinterest. When things are in a state of change it’s always good to make sure you’re on a firm foundation.

Getting Back to Pinterest Basics

Whether your just about to get started using Pinterest for your business or have been pinning for a while,  there are some basic fundamentals that shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to be a Pinterest success. Here are just a few of the topics this episode will help guide you through:

  • Making the most of your Pinterest account name
  • Best pinning practices for business accounts
  • How to optimize your Pinterest boards
  • Where keywords really matter
  • …. plus more!


Links mentioned in this episode:

Pinterest for business terms of service

Pin-it Bookmarklet

Pin-it button for websites

Pin it Button for WordPress Plugin

Linda Jones on Pinterest

Press X Twice


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  1. Avatar
    Jan Alexander

    thanks for your Pinterest updates, Cynthia! Great resource(s) ~ better than Pinterest “Help” for me!

  2. Avatar

    I need help in getting back on pinerest and to pinning things some kind of way I can not get past my password change and no response from pinerest on email for a change password please help me get back pinning

    • Avatar

      Sorry Francella, aside from emailing Pinterest I’m not sure what you can do.

  3. Avatar

    You sound awfully and halpipy busy ! Thanksfully my husband will be cooking for a very small crowd, as my son is having surgery on Wednesday…rather poor timing, but we will make it up for christmas.

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