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Getting Started on Pinterest a Professional Photographer’s Approach OSP Episode 009

No matter what type of business you have, getting stated on Pinterest for can raise some questions. In this episode of the podcast, I chat with Andrew Hellmich, a professional photographer based on the Central Coast of Australia.

This episode is a little different from most episodes of the podcast in that this time I’m not the one asking the questions. Andrew invited me on to his podcast, PhotoBizXposed to talk about how professional photographers can utilize Pinterest to grow their business. I thought this conversation would be the perfect opportunity for you to hear some of the questions a business owner has about getting started on Pinterest and my responses to them.


If you don’t have a photography business, I encourage you to listen to this episode since most of the suggestions made can be applied to different types of businesses that use Pinterest.

Getting Started on Pinterest a Professional Photographer's Approach

Andrew and I spent over an hour talking about Pinterest and we barely scratched the surface. I have divided this conversation in half  for a couple of reasons; first not to take up too much of your time and secondly, we covered so many points about Pinterest that I didn’t want the information provided to seem overwhelming.

Some of the topics covered in part 1 of my conversation with Andrew:

  • Opening a personal vs business Pinterest account
  • Cross promoting to other social networks
  • Where links back to your site are available within Pinterest
  • Uploading images from your computer to Pinterest
  • The importance of using keywords in Pinterest


Links mentioned in this episode:

Pinterest business terms of service

Pinterest widget to display latest pins on your site


To learn more about Andrew, to check out his incredible photography or to listen to one of his podcasts, click on the images below.



photo biz xposed




The Wedding Podcast




Impact Images




Special thanks to Vincent Ng from MCNG Marketing for asking a question on the Oh So Pinteresting Facebook page that led to this week’s special quick Pinterest tip.

Just incase you haven’t listened to a podcast episode yet, in each episode I offer a special quick Pinterest tip. If you have a question about Pinterest, feel free to leave it here on the blog, come by the Facebook page or connect with me on Twitter. Maybe the answer to your question can be the next quick tip given in the podcast.  🙂


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  1. Avatar

    Hey Cynthia

    I love that we could share this episode of the podcast! Listening back, I bombarded you with questions!

    I hope your listeners get as much from your incredible knowledge of Pinterest as mine do. Thanks again.

    Speak soon


    • Avatar

      Hi Andrew,

      This was a blast for me! I got so excited talking about Pinterest during our chat I hit my microphone a few times. When I really get into something I tend to talk a lot with my hands 🙂 Not so good for podcasting, but hey, I was having fun. Thanks for asking such great questions.

      Maybe after you’ve dug your heels into Pinterest a bit more we can share another podcast?

      • Avatar

        Haha – love that you get excited about your work, totally means you’re doing what you love!

        Yes, a future chat would be great.

        Speak soon


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