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Got a Shopping Itch That Needs to be Scratched? Check Out Pinterest Gifts

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Got a Shopping Itch That Needs to be Scratched? Check Out Pinterest Gifts

Sure Pinterest can help you find a recipe for the best lasagna soup or a way to recycle wine crates into stylish storage, but did you know that Pinterest can help you with shopping too?

At the top of the main Pinterest page there are different categories listed. The last one to the right is “Gifts”.  If you hover over the “Gifts” category a drop down menu will appear and allow you to choose specific price ranges.


In this, you can find links all sorts of things from this


To this????

 Source: via Chris on Pinterest



Wanna start a new business? How about buying a whole bed and breakfast?


Anything with a $ or a £ in the description will appear on the gifts page. Including news articles


Source: via Tracy on Pinterest

Most of the pins link you to people’s Etsy shops but some link you to online retailers. In my virtual shopping trip I found this…


Source: via Oh So Pinteresting on Pinterest


This pin is a link to an online store called Shabby Apple. I’ve never heard of them before but they have some cute things. Being the cheap skate smart shopper that I am, I did a quick Google search for a coupon code and found one for 10% off from That’s making this swimsuit look even better!


There are a couple of downsides to the Gifts section of Pinterest:

  •  You can’t be specific in your search.  Currently the only way to narrow things down is by price range. In the $50-$100 range, I found everything from microwave carts to hand puppets.
  • Sometimes the links take you to a general site and not to the specific product or to a picture of the product and not the vendor site
  • Sometimes the links are spam

Recently there was some controversy about Pinterest making money from these gift links. Sometimes vendors will pay a fee or commission to a referring site when a customer buys something. It doesn’t cost the customer anymore but it isn’t disclosed openly during the transaction. There was talk of it being put into Pinterest’s Terms of service but I couldn’t find it.

I think I might start a new Pinterest board for Pins of new stores I find in the Gifts area. I can see this as a useful tool to compare items from different sites.

Recently I was in the market for a new camera and visited several websites to comparison shop.  I bookmarked each site as I found them. Then, I had to go back and figure out which one offered the best deal. If I had pinned them, I could have included the details in the description and  had a side by side comparison in one spot.

***To Pin to your Pinterest boards from outside websites you can install a Pin It button for your toolbar from Pinterest. Click here to learn more.****


Let’s hear your ideas of how to use the Pinterest Gifts section in the comments below.


Thanks and Happy Pinning!



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Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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    Lollie - The Fortuitous Housewife

    As a confirmed pinning addict, I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered the “gift” section!! How very handy! You are the Pin Master!

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      Pin Master? Hmm…. Maybe I can use that on my resume.

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