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How a Blogger Gets Traffic from Pinterest Over 500K Monthly Visits OSP 088

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Those who feel that their business isn’t a good fit for it often dismiss Pinterest. They might think that Pinterest is too female driven or that their business isn’t visual enough. Though personal finance isn’t something that is considered to be a visual type of business, Bob Lotich, a personal finance blogger, gets a significant amount of traffic from Pinterest to his blog. After making a few adjustments, he now gets over 500 thousand monthly visits.

How a Blogger Gets Traffic from Pinterest Over 500K Monthly Visits OSP 088

I spoke with personal finance blogger and author Bob Lotich of ChristianPF. Bob started his site in 2007 and has seen a lot of changes in the world of social media since then. He wasn’t sure if Pinterest had a place for him and his blog but over time, he has changed his tune. Pinterest now brings a half a million visits to Bob’s blog each month.

ChristianPF focuses on personal finance and Christian teachings about finance. Bob has taken on contributors over the years to keep the content fresh but still writes quite a bit of the content himself. All of his hard work and dedication have paid off. Bob has made blogging and writing his full time business for over six years.

Bob’s view of social media has grown along side the field. His primary focus, to begin with, was SEO and that’s what brought the majority of the traffic to the blog. Over time, Bob began to branch out into other forms of social media. It wasn’t until last year when he realized the potential of Pinterest for a blog or website, even one that doesn’t focus on more “traditional” Pinterest topics.

Bob didn’t realize the potential of Pinterest but when he became more engaged in Pinterest, he started to see the returns and possibilities. Without a ton of work, he was getting about 10k visits a month from Pinterest so Bob made the mental shift to focusing on Pinterest resulting in 500k visits in the last month.

He spent some time learning the unspoken etiquette of the medium. Initially, Bob felt a like a man in a woman’s world and that his material didn’t necessarily fit the mold. To help, he brought on a female consultant to assist. He learned that he had a lot of existing content that would work but that it needed to be tweaked in order to be Pinterest friendly – different titles, new graphics, etc.

A popular Pinterest image for Bob Lotich with over 6.5k pins
One of ChristainPF’s most popular pins on Pinterest. It has been pinned over 6.5k times

Another tactic was changing or adding content to make it Pinterest-friendly. When a DIY made sense with a topic, he included it. Bob chose graphics that were more universally appealing. Using great fonts and text overlays to create a more friendly appearance versus business-y. This tactic has also translated well to other social media outlets for ChristianPF.

The ChristianPF Pinterest boards are visually appealing, by design, and attempt to use keywords to the site’s benefit in much the same way as Bob previously had done with SEO. His goal has been to keep his boards pretty true to the blog and his overall message. He wants to see traffic to his site from a relevant audience, otherwise there’s very little net benefit of viral pins.

Bob has been experimenting with pinning techniques (and paid pins) to drive traffic and to grow his email list. He’s not sure yet about the effectiveness but it’s definitely a strategy worth trying.  Here are some more ideas for how to get traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Overall, Bob has found Pinterest to be an incredible ally for his blog. New readers are coming to the blog all the time from Pinterest and Bob is able to keep them engaged with great content. This is great lesson for all of us looking to get traffic from Pinterest.

Bob Lotich ChristainPF uses Pinterest to drive traffciConnect with Bob on ChristianPFPinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Linked In | Google+ | YouTube

Pinterest Tip of the Week –

Do some research into what’s doing well on Pinterest in your genre. Search keywords and think about what kind of engagement those pins are getting. Have you already written something that just needs a new pinnable image? Is there a topic you could and should write about? No matter how many followers you have, what really matters is the content so be sure your writing what people want to read.

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