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How a PhD Uses Pinterest to Promote Her Work

Have you ever heard the name Jasmina Kally? No? Well, she is brilliant. She is a screen writer, author, lecturer and holds a PhD.

On top of all that, she is using Pinterest in an absolutely amazing way.

She has written a novel called Beat Girl. It is about a girl named Heather Jennings recovering from the death of her mother and trying to find her way in life. She has to choose between the life that she had planned of going to Julliard and classical piano or a new life that includes a guy named Toby and techno.

Jasmina has given us ways to get to know Heather beyond the novel.  She has developed web series based on the book and has taken Heather’s character a step even further by giving her a presence on Pinterest. 



Heather Jennings, a fictional character, has her own Pinterest account!

There are boards that include videos and images with quotes from the YouTube web series and there are also boards that show us even more about Heather. Boards with inspirational quotes and images about friendship and music, boards about her friend Amy’s fashion sense, and boards about New York City and her favorite movies all give further insight into Heather’s fictional life.

The approach Jasmina has taken on Pinterest is not only a way to promote her book and web series, but also gives the character more depth and personality. It almost makes Heather seem more real.


Is this the start of something new?

It would be interesting to see what other writers would put on their character’s boards. Will TV and Movie characters be next? What would Batman have on his boards, wanted pictures of villains, how to care for latex tips, or high protien drink recipes?

As Pinterest evolves it will surely be used more and more for promotion and advertising. Jasmina has done this in a very creative and entertaining way, I hope more follow in her path.


What do you think about fictional characters having Pinterest accounts? Which character would you like to see on Pinterest?

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    I find it interesting that Jasmina doesn’t share on Heather’s pin boards that she is a fictional character. I am not sure if I would approach it this way. The purpose of the Pinterest profile is to build the character’s personality. However, it should also promote Jasmina’s book. What value is the Pinterest profile if you don’t have anyone reading the book? Not to say this is the case, but for me I would want to take every opportunity to introduce new readers to my book.

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      Paul, I agree. Her profile description and board titles would be perfect places to do this. On her Twitter page, it says “A novel by Jasmina Kallay Now a motion picture.” If this was included in the profile description, it would make it much more obvious to Pinterest users that this is not someones personal account and possibly draw more interest to the novel itself.

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    Lollie ~ The Fortuitous Housewife

    What an amazingly unique way to use Pinterest!

    As I writer, I love that Jasmina is using pins to add depth and insight into her character, though I do agree with Paul that the profile should reference Heather’s fictional status and the work within which she lives.

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      Since I wrote this post, Jasmina has added more boards to the Pinterest account. She doesn’t say in the profile that account is for a fictional character from her book but she has added boards called ‘My Book’ and ‘About Beat Girl’. The description on the ‘About’ board makes it more clear. “Beat Girl is the first scripted series to be told on Pinterest” It has pins of articles about the web series being on Pinterest. I’m proud to say that mine is pinned on there.

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