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There just aren’t enough hours in the day”  can you relate? My guest on this week’s episode of the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast is a busy businesswoman and she reveals how she’s generating traffic from Pinterest without spending hours a day or even in a week on the platform.

How She Gets Traffic From Pinterest Without Really Trying

Lisa Irby describes her self as a “full-time affiliate marketer, blogger, YouTuber and resident gadget girl.” One of her sites, Napturally Curly, provides information and support for people with natural hair. She’s a busy lady! Her schedule leaves her a very limited amount of time for Pinterest, only 10 minutes per week. But, even with that limited amount of time she’s seeing some great returns.

In this week’s episode:

  • Lisa’s approach to Pinterest
  • The longevity of a pin’s potential for traffic generation
  • Why her “tip-o-graphic” got her 12 thousand pins
  • Her technique for growing her Pinterest following

Here’s a peek at Lisa’s “tip-o-graphic” that got her 12K pins. Visit her site to see the full image. 12k pins on Pinterest for Lisa Irby a natural hair blogger

Are you measuring your Pinterest success?

Pinterest is great for sharing content and discover but Lisa and I both agree that it’s the traffic to our sites that we want. The best way that I have found to measure that traffic is through Google Analytics. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account  yet, no worries Google will walk you through it step by step.


In Google Analytics, you can see how Pinterest ranks in comparison to other social networks for traffic referral. To see how much traffic is coming to your site for any given time period, click Aquisition from the menu on left had side of the page, then click Social, then Network Referrals.

Social Media Network Referrals on Google Analytics

After clicking on Network Referrals, a screen will appear that displays the different social networks that are sending you traffic. For me, Pinterest is the top referrer.

Pinterest traffic in Google Analytics

Clicking on Pinterest or any of the other social networks will show you which blog posts or pages are getting traffic from these sites. It will include information such as visits, pageviews and average visit duration.

Pinterest Network Referral Google Analytics

Clicking on the URL will show me all of the pins from Pinterest that are bringing traffic to my site. I breaks down the  visits, pageviews and average visit duration for each pin. This is a GREAT way to see who has pinned your content and how much traffic that pin is bringing to your site.

Copy and paste the pin’s URL into your browser to see who is bringing you all of this great traffic. I bet you’ll find some surprising results.

Pinterest pin Referrals Google Analytics

Here are some more ideas for how to get traffic from Pinterest to your website.

Connect with Lisa

Her blog- Napturally Curly or 2 Create a Website

On Pinterest

On Twitter @2createawebsite

 A BIG Announcement

I’m so excited to that the Oh So Pinteresting Pinterest for Business Online Workshop has officially launched! It’s a live, interactive weekly series of sessions beginning October 30, 2013. This workshop is going to be limited to 10 participants and to celebrate this first workshop series, I’m offering it at $47. Click here for more details.

Thanks for stopping by and listening to the podcast. Lisa is accomplishing a lot with the time she spends on Pinterest. Do you think there’s an optimal amount of time to spend on Pinterest? How much time do you dedicate to Pinterest each week?

Leave me a voicemail

If you have questions about this episode or have a tip that could be shared with the Oh So Pinteresting community, give me a call and leave me a voicemail.  Be sure to speak clearly, leave your name, your site URL and your question or comment and it could be used in an upcoming episode. Simply dial 773-669-7461 and leave me your message.


Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  1. Avatar

    Pretty neat. I’m just now getting interested in Pinterest. I can see the value in posting to this platform and I’m trying to get my blog adjusted for Pinterest. Great tips here, but what do you think about the Pin Button Sidebar plugin for WordPress? I have read some reviews, but do you think it gives enough repins for someone to actually spend money on it?

    • Avatar

      Hi Wade,

      Never used it, but I just got Chris Guthrie’s Pin Button Attraction but haven’t been able to use it because it doesn’t play well with my existing social plugin. But I do think those premium plugins can be of value, especially when you’re in a niche where people like to pin content.

    • Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it Wade 🙂

      As far as the Pin Button Sidebar plugin for WordPress, I don’t think I’m familiar with it. I use the Pinerest ‘Pin it” button Pro WordPress plugin by Phil Derksen. It has all of the functionality I’m looking for including additional social sharing buttons.

  2. Avatar

    That was a fantastic podcast! I love the ideas about images that give 2 out of 3 tips or answers, with the third answered on my blog. I also like that Lisa can keep her focus very niche and build traffic that way. Thanks also for the Google tips.

  3. Avatar

    Very, very helpful, Lisa! I love the explanation of GA and how to see which posts are effective for which social media sites. That information was very enlightening!

    • Avatar


      Thanks so much for stopping by. So glad to hear you found it helpful.

  4. Avatar

    Love the Google Analytics tip!

    I’ve had my Pinterest account for a little over a year now. The #1 thing that has boosted my traffic is creating quality, “pinnable” images. I began really focusing on making my images Pinterest friendly this past spring resulting in literally an overnight 100% increase in my traffic. My first “big” viral pin was an article I posted in March and I’ve seen this image pinned over 24,000 times since March {5 months time}. And I have over 11,000 followers with an average increase of 300 followers per week. I love Pinterest!

    Then I began to go back and redo my images from old posts. Amazing results!

    • Avatar


      Congratulations on your Pinterest success!!!! I love it!!! I’ll be sure to share your story with my community.

      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Nice post! Pinterest is definitely appealing, but in my opinion requires lots of work and content to make it give your business momentum from that social avenue. Good luck everyone!

  6. Avatar

    I can see that keeping on top of stats is something I should be more involved in. I hope I understand the technical information well enough to do this regularly.

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