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How to Activate and Use Secret Boards on Pinterest a Pinterest Friday Quick Tip

This Friday quick tip includes some exciting news from Pinterest. Secret boards are now available!!!!



Starting November 8th, Pinterest gradually began rolling out the ability to make secret boards from your computer and your mobile devices. This is a feature that many users, including myself, have been hoping for.

Pinterest stated in their blog post today that they hope users will find secret boards useful during the holiday season. I know I will use it for gift planning. Remember the post about comparison shopping with Pinterest? Private or secret boards will make it even easier to do this holiday season.


How to Make a Secret Board

Secret boards will gradually become available to everyone. When It is available on your account, you will see this image on the top right corner of your page after you log in.




Click on Get Started and you will be taken to the bottom of your profile page to an area underneath your existing boards there,  you’ll find the option to create up to 3 secret boards


When creating the secret board, you can name it and categorize it just the same as creating a regular board. Also included is the ability to make it a group board where other people you follow can pin to it too. For more information on group boards click here.

The secret board feature is also available on mobile devices.



If you are having trouble with creating secret boards on your mobile device, be sure you have updated to the most recent version of the app.



The pins you put on this board will not be visible in your feed or your follower’s feeds. They will not show up in searches or anywhere else on Pinterest, only on your secret board.



Notice above, that secret boards can be turned on and off. Be careful, once  secret boards have been turned off, they will be public and can not be made private again. Existing boards can not be made secret. For more information check out the Pinterest support page about Secret Boards.


After your secret board has been created, there’s only one thing left to do….




According to the Pinterest blog, this is a test. It was not clear exactly what was being tested. Will we be able to create more secret boards? Could secret boards go away? Hopefully all goes well with the test and they are here to staty.


Aside from gift planning, secret boards can be handy for other things too

  • Professional project planning
  • Family photo sharing on group boards- (Keep a backup of photos just incase something changes with secret boards)
  • A place to pin things you don’t necessarily want to make public- medical information found online, job hunting information, vacation planning


What do you think about Pinterest’s new secret boards? What other things do you think they would be useful for?


***Note***  Pinterest has updated their privacy policy with the addition of secret boards. You can read it here.


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