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How to Get Larger than Life with Pinterest: Interview with Caribou Coffee OSP 052

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Need research and development help for your next product? Want inspiring action from your super fans? Pinterest just might be the place for you.

How to Get Larger than Life with Pinterest: Interview with Caribou Coffee

It certainly was for Minnesota based Caribou Coffee. Through Pinterest, they saw an opportunity to engage with their community in a way that they never had before. They went to their Pinterest followers for inspiration to help them develop their new line of coffee, appropriately named Real Inspiration Blend. They asked their community to submit images of what they find inspiring using the hashtag #CaribouInspires.

They went into this project with expectation of receiving  big, bold, energetic images. Instead, they were surprised to receive images that were less ‘energetic.’ Included were images of lush green fields, rich woods and beautiful sunsets.

The Caribou Coffee marketing team then took these images and worked with the roastmasters to use as inspiration to create their new coffee blend. What a great way to listen to your community to give them what they want! 

In this episode

Michele Vig, vice-president of marketing at Caribou Coffee and I  chat about this very Pinteresting campaign.  The promotion of this Pinterest inspired coffee includes a larger than life 64 foot-tall interactive Pinterest board located at the Mall of America in Minnesota.

  • Giving back to the super fans of your business
  • Creating tailor made product launches your consumers will adore
  • How to get fans involved in product development
  • Creating memorable and “Pinnable” in-store experiences
  • Defining your company culture on Pinterest
  • Crafting perfect marketing plan that syncs across other social media platforms.

Living Pinterest Board in Mall of America

Special thanks to Michele for taking the time to talk to me. Caribou Coffee’s Pinterest board will be in the Mall of America until February 13th. Be sure to check out if you are in the area (and send me pictures).

Connect with Michele Vig on Twitter:

Taking Pinterest  offline can have success for both large and small companies. Have you been inspired to bring your Pinterest boards into the real world?

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  1. Avatar

    Really enjoyed this episode. Very pinteresting how Caribou is taking it offline with the huge display…would love to see that.

    I happened to be drinking a cup of Caribou when I listened this morning.

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