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How to Make Pinterest Better: Part 2


If you missed  part 1 of this 3 part series on how to make Pinterest better, click here


Part 2

How to upload pins

The ‘Pin it’ button allows us to bring images from cyberspace onto our boards, but what if the image we want to share is something that is not online? There’s an answer for that, the Add+ button.



When you click the ‘Add+’ button, a box opens up with 3 options Add a Pin, Upload a Pin or Create a Board.

  •  Add a Pin –  allows you to pin an image from a website by entering the URL like the “Pin it ” button discussed in Part 1


  •  Create a Board- use this to add new boards to your profile

***BONUS TIP*** Create a Board is also where you can make collaborative boards boards that multiple pinners can pin to. (Great for group projects)


When you click on ‘Upload a Pin‘,  you will be able to create a pin from an image saved on your computer. Click on ‘Choose File” and select the image from your files that you would like to use




Here, add a description and choose a board to pin it to. This is a great option to share and organize photos that you take or images that you create that are not available on your website or blog.

Here are a few uses:

  • Just to share pictures with the Pinterest community
  • Visually document progress of a project-ex. home remodeling from start to finish
  • If you use Pinterest for promoting a business- Pin images of your product being used or of company events


How to link uploaded pins to a website or blog


If you want to link this pin to a particular website or blog, there is a way to do that too. Once you click ‘Pin it’, your new pin will appear. Hover your mouse over it and an Edit box will come up. Click it to get to the’Edit Pin’ box. Enter the URL that you would like to link the image to. Easy, huh?


Please don’t use the bait and switch with this option like I have seen done before. Once, I re-pinned an image of a fun looking craft project. When I clicked on the pin, it took me to a website for a weight-loss scam. UGH! If you link an image to a web site or blog, please make it something relevant. Upload pins for good not evil!

Speaking of evil, if you come across a pin that is obviously spam, please report it to Pinterest by using the ‘Report it’ button that can be found next to each pin. Let’s keep Pinterest as spam free as possible.



Make pins searchable

Brace yourself for this, Pinterest is becoming my new Google.  It is easy to scan the images, the descriptions give me more information to help me choose which to click through on and if I like it, I can pin it directly to my boards. Whether I’m using my iPhone, iPad desktop or laptop, I can access my Pinterest boards. I often find pins to re-pin from the general feed but sometimes I’m looking for something specific. The key to finding the right pins to pin is in the pin’s description.


Case study

I recently dove into the DSLR camera world with a Canon camera. I did a search on Pinterest for “Canon DSLR tips” and only got a few results. I changed my search to “DSLR tips” and I got a couple of hundred results (some were duplicates).  As with other search engines, keywords in the descriptions are what make pins searchable. Even though some of the pins I found with the more broad “DSLR tips” search had information specifially on Canon cameras, Cannon was not in the description and not found in the first search.


Optimize Pinterest pin descriptions

Use a detailed description keeping the the what, who, and where in mind. You can use up to 500 characters.

  • What is it
  • Who is it for
  • Where can it be found (url)
  • Use # for categories and keywords
  • If your linking to something for sale, use a $ and the price will show on the pin. This will also put your pin in the Gift section of Pinterest.

An example of a good pin description: Cannon #DSLR tips for beginners via Great information on ISO settings.


What not to do

  • Never just use  “.” or  “:)” or “love it” as a pin description
  • If it is a recipe  or a how to, please do not give the full set of instructions in the description. People spend countless hours creating projects and recipes and writing about them. To best show your appreciation, pin it and link to it but don’t copy and paste everything into the description.



Want to learn more? Don’t forget to check out part 1 if you missed it and be sure to come back for part 3 of this series.

If this series has been helpful to you, please share it with others by clicking the Pin it button below. Thanks!



  1. Avatar

    Am I reading this right?

    Is it ok to re-pin an image from Pinterest onto one of my boards and add my blog post URL to that image if it’s relevant to my blog post – or is this frowned upon?

    Thanks – loving all your tips!

    • Avatar

      Andrew, thanks for the question. I should have made this more clear in the post, but I would not include my URL in a pin that was not my image. Even if it links to the source of the image. You were 100% right about it being frowned upon.

      I would, however, include the URL or the name of the website/ blog if I’m pinning for a business account. This helps to make it clear that it is not my content, it is something I’m sharing with the Pinterest community. I try to play it safe when pinning for a business. I always make sure that the pin links to the source of the image and that the site has pin it buttons meaning they’re ok with their content being shared on Pinterest.

      I’ve heard of some businesses that will email the site for permission before pinning.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Cynthia – that’s great. Don’t want to be doing the wrong thing from the start.

        I guess with Pinterest, like everything else online – if it feels spammy, it probably is.

        I’m guessing if someone has a “pin it” button on their site they are encouraging visitors to pin – no need to seek permission in that case?

        • Avatar

          Andrew, if pinning for a business you might still want to ask to play it safe. However, with that being said IF that website has a Pinterest account ant that image is included on their boards, then according to Pinterest’s terms of service, by pinning that image to their account they are giving permission for that pin/image to be shared/repinned by other Pinterest users. Hope that makes sense.

          If you have concerns it’s always best to check with an attorney.

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    Hi Cynthia,
    I started listening to your podcasts and decide to put our business on pinterest. I need help!! I have contacted pinterest about this issue but they have not gotten back to me. My pins, boards or business name are not showing up when I do a search. Would you be able to give me some suggestions that I may be doing incorrectly for them to show up? I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this question.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    • Avatar

      Hi Debbie,

      One though comes to mind, have you verified your email address with Pinterest. Soon after you opened your account Pinterest should have sent you an email with a link. If your email hasn’t been verified, they might not index it. Also, it sometimes takes a while for accounts to be indexed. I wouldn’t worry unless it has been more than a few weeks. Thanks for your question 🙂

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