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Learn how to get the most out of Pinterest with Tailwind’s Analytics Suite.

Your Tailwind analytics plan provides you access to a number of valuable metrics to help you get the most out of your Pinterest efforts. The best part? It’s always free.

  • Keep track of your weekly Pinterest growth and engagement
  • Find your top Fans & Influencers
  • See the top 50 pins from your domain and profile
  • Check out what’s hot with category heatmaps and board metrics

To start building historical data, tracking Pinterest ROI, spying on competitors and much more, upgrade your account starting at just $29 a month!

Track Your Weekly Growth and Engagement

Track your Pinterest success story with Tailwind’s “Your Profile” page. From here you can see the number of followers, pins, repins and likes your Pinterest profile received that week.

The profile page also provides you with valuable engagement tools that allow you to see:

  • Virality: Are your pins being shared? This number shows how many repins your pins receive on average.
  • Engagement score: By measuring your Audience’s Engagement with your pins, we give you insight into how much interaction your pins are receiving per follower.
  • Engagement rate: This simple metric lets you see how well your content is resonating by showing you the percentage of your pins that have at least one repin.

Curious to know how your profile has grown beyond the past week? Want to know when your engagement hits a new high? Start building your history by upgrading to a paid account today.

Top 50 Pins

The “Trending Pins” page allows you to see the 50 most recent images from your domain that are gaining traction on Pinterest. From here you can also see who’s pinning the content and who your recent top pinners are.

Also found on the “Trending Pins” page is a lovely – and useful! – word-cloud. This collection of words stems from the phrases users use when pinning from your site. The bigger the word, the more often it’s found.

While “Trending Pins” tracks the top images recently pinned from your website, the “Pin Inspector” page tracks your 50 most recently pinned pins. Sort the pins by category, board, repins, likes, comments, date pinned or source.

Want to keep track of more than just your top 50 pins? Upgrade your account for even more pin access starting at just $29 a month!

Finding Category Trends

Tailwind’s “Category Heatmaps” page allows you to visually identify which categories you pin to the most AND which categories are most popular with your audience. When reading the red Virality Heatmap:

  • The bigger the box, the more pins are in that category.
  • The darker the red, the more repins per pin the category has.
  • By clicking on a box, you can drill down and find which boards within the category have both more pins and more virality.

Below the heatmap you can see a simple summary of where you pin most and where your pins are most viral.

Tailwind’s Engagement Heatmap uses similar metrics to the Virality Heatmap (and is read the same way), but is based on what categories resonates with your followers.

Below this heatmap, you can see the summary of where your audience is most engaged and, again, where you pin the most.

After checking your category heatmaps, dig a little deeper to see how your boards are performing. Tailwind’s “Your Boards” page allows you to see your daily top boards, sorted by board name, pins, followers, repins, virality or engagement.

Want to know which boards did well over multiple weeks, months or even years? Upgrade to start building your history today.

Happy Pinning!


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