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Social Eyes #5: The Importance of Social Media Differences for Marketing Across Social Networks

Social Eyes #5 examines the importance of social media differences across social networks and how to properly distinguish your Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest marketing.

Differences in Social Media

As we learned in the previous Social Eyes post, we’re all addicted to social media. We also learned that this addiction means social media is now a necessary part of any successful marketing mix, and that each platform has its own identity.  The importance of social media to marketers is evident now more than ever, but what exactly makes you successful on each social network? We examine what it takes to be great on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook – Who I am

Facebook is the perfect social media network to build your brand’s personality.  However, cultivating a great Facebook page is more than just posting photos and status updates.

  • You have to post interesting content often. While this seems obvious, a lot of brands only post on their Facebook page a few times a month. To keep your fans engaged, you must post multiple times a week. It’s also good to keep in mind that posts should be a mix of content from your site and content that your fans would be interested in.
  • Ask questions. To get your fans talking, ask a few questions! By asking them for their opinion on anything from featured content to their local sports team, you’ll get more community interaction and remain top of mind in an often overflowing news feed.
  • Promote via email. There are now over 1 billion people on Facebook, which means there’s a great chance your customers are active users. Xyron used PinMail by PinLeague to help promote their Facebook page and grow their organic and viral reach. After only running a month long campaign, Xyron’s organic reach grew by 87%, and viral reach grew by 202%.

Twitter – What I’m Doing

Twitter is a fast paced, time sensitive, hashtag-driven social media platform that has proven to be a great way for brands to connect with current and potential fans.

  • Keep track of tweets about your brand. Apps like HootSuite and TweetDeck allow you to track hashtags and brand mentions on Twitter. Being able to see what users are saying about your brand allows you to pleasantly surprise fans with retweets and replies to Tweets.
  • Act quickly. Since Twitter is trend based, staying up to date with what’s “en vogue” is incredibly important.  If there’s a trending hashtag that relates to your brand, jump on it before it’s too late!
  • Get acquainted with Twitter for business. Twitter created a great resource for businesses, simply called Twitter for Business. With detailed explanations on everything from getting started on Twitter, to API integration, it’s a virtual how-to on being successful on Twitter.

Pinterest – Who I Want to Be

Pinterest is an overwhelmingly positive social media platform that’s driven by eye-catching, aspirational images and content. Pinterest marketing is also what PinLeague specializes in!

  • Follow our directions on how to make the perfect Pinterest profileIn a recent blog post, the top Pinterest blogger and top Pinterest brand helped prove that our guidelines really do work.
  • Repin! While it is important to pin content from your website, it’s also equally as important to repin your fan’s pins as well. By maintaining a healthy mix of repins from the community and pins from your site, you can build meaningful relationships with followers and NOT just show them an advertisement.
  • Use PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics tool to track your success. Knowing what your followers respond to helps you keep them engaged. PinLeague’s Pinterest Analytics tool shows you your most repinned content, top products from your site, most popular boards, biggest fans and influencers, and so much more.

Have you had success on social media? Let us know what worked for you in the comments!

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Melissa Megginson is resident Community Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest & Instagram tool for brands. Melissa specializes in affiliate marketing, public speaking, and making our members look good. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelMegg.

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