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See why some bloggers are calling Tribes a

Tailwind Tribes enables you to grow with other bloggers and marketers like you, while solving two key challenges that you face every day:

  • Finding a steady supply of high-quality content to share, and
  • Getting your content seen by the right people

Over the past year, many of the world’s best-known bloggers and influencers have been collaborating in Tailwind Tribes to curate feeds of quality content that everyone in the Tribe can share from. Their feedback has helped us improve and refine Tribes – making them easier, faster, and more effective.

As Sarah Barnes, who blogs at, put it, “Tailwind Tribes are one of the best things to happen to bloggers in a long time.”

As Sara Barnes, who blogs at, put it, “Tailwind Tribes are one of the best things to happen to bloggers in a long time.”.png

Until today, Tribes has been available by invitation only, but now, with the public launch of Tailwind Tribes, anyone can use it – and with the brand new “Find a Tribe” feature – it’s better than ever! ?

What is a Tailwind Tribe?

A Tailwind Tribe is a group of trusted peers with a focus on aggregating content in a specific topic or niche of interest to them. There are thousands of Tribes in niches ranging from parenting to food blogging, social media marketing to home decor – and lots more!

How do Tailwind Tribes Work?

As Tribemates add great content to their Tribe, they create a feed that allows for easy review and sharing. Because the content comes from trusted peers, this saves everyone time and improves the quality of what they share with their followers.

And, when Tribemates share each other’s content from a Tribe, they also get exposure to highly-relevant audiences. New and established bloggers alike are finding it’s a powerful way to be seen by audiences who’ll love their content. It’s a win-win-win. 🙂

Karyn Tripp of Teach Beside Me says, “I feel like I spend less time because it’s just a quick and easy place to go and find great content and that I would normally share anyways.”

Tailwind Tribes

Find a Tribe – New!

With the public launch of Tailwind Tribes, we’ve also made it easier for everyone to find their perfect Tribe. The “Find a Tribe” tab in Tribes allows you to search for Tailwind Tribes to join by keyword, category, or tag.

Find a Tribe in Tailwind Tribes

Before you join or request to join a Tribe, you’ll be able to see if it’s a good fit by previewing:

  • The content in the Tribe
  • The total number of Tribemates
  • Tribe rules
  • The number of re-shares on content added to the Tribe

Tailwind Tribe preview

Joining open public Tribes is easy and now, for the first time, anyone can find and request to join private Tribes as well. And, of course, you can also create your own brand-new Tribe on any topic that’s important to you.

Tailwind Tribes is free for anyone to use, with a generous free plan. Find your Tribe today!

Want to hear more about how others are already using Tribes? Watch this short video:

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See why some bloggers are calling Tribes a

Alisa Meredith is Pinterest Product Specialist at Tailwind — a Pinterest marketing tool,  scheduling tool, planning tool and analytics platform. She is a sought-after speaker and teacher on Pinterest and Promoted Pins in particular, having spoken at Social Media Marketing World, Agents of Change and appearing on The Art of Paid Traffic and Social Pros podcasts. Alisa has invested heavily in becoming an expert in her craft – realizing (and loving) the fact that the learning never ends!  She lives in coastal North Carolina with her pampered pets Pepe the couch potato Cavapoo, and more cats than she’d like to admit to.