Is There Really a Place for B2B on Pinterest OSP 086

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Pinterest is famous for DIY projects and recipes which leaves some wondering if there really is a place for B2B on Pinterest. In this episode I talk with Ashley Mooney, Digital Content Manager for Organic Salon Systems a B2B distributor hair care products. Their goal is to not to sell directly to the consumer but to retailers and professionals. They’ve found Pinterest useful to help them reach and connect with their clients.

Is There Really a Place for B2B on Pinterest OSP 086


In this episode

Organic Salon Systems is a distributor of natural hair care to beauty pros and salons. In the last couple of years, they have embraced social media and have seen great results in the B2B space . OSS strives to make their Pinterest boards a place of inspiration for hair stylists, beauty gurus and women-alike whether they are interested in organic hair products or hair styling in general.

Why is Pinterest a good fit for Organic Salon Systems?

Recognizing that ⅔ of Pinterest users are women (as is their target audience), OSS has embraced the space and capitalized on Pinterest’s highly visual nature. Using their boards to provide inspiration and information, OSS appeals to a wide variety of users and is able to get the names of their products out there in an organic way.

What is your Pinterest strategy?

Keeping things simple has helped to build the OSS audience on Pinterest. By using multiple pinnable images pointing back to a single article on their site, Ashley is able to focus her time on creating quality and then allowing that content to work for her in days, weeks, even years to come.

Ashley’s tips for getting the most out of Pinterest

1. How to videos, subject matter guides and trend-related articles are all great ways to engage audiences and keep them coming back for more.

2. Create great pinnable content, use calls to action and high value search terms. Make your pins friendly to both Pinterest search and overall SEO.

3. Outsourcing graphics and using resources such as Pixlr and Canva.

4. Use an authentic, organic approach to pinning. Pinterest, when used effectively, can eventually go on auto-pilot generating traffic and follows from content new and old.

5. Check pins from your site using to see who is pinning your content, how they are interacting, engage with your readers and seek out trends.

Connect with Ashley and Organic Salon Systems

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