How to Use Likes for Pinterest Marketing – Quick Tips

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A social “like” may bring up images of Facebook marketing, but liking can be effective for Pinterest marketing, too.

How To Use

Ah, the “like”. To the Facebooker, it’s a part of everyday life. To the English teacher, it’s part of a simile. To my Father, it’s an annoyingly overused part of teenage speech. But what part does it play in Pinterest marketing? Below, we have 3 quick tips for using Pinterest “likes” effectively.

1. “Like” and thank those who share your content.

When you think of engaging on Pinterest, you more than likely think of repinning. And while repinning is a great way to engage your fans, it’s best not to use repins as a “thanks” for sharing your content. To avoid flooding your followers with your own repinned content, simply “like” the pin and leave a comment! That shows your fans that you’re paying attention, provides engagement to their profile and allows you to thank them without a bunch of unnecessary repins.

2. “Like” content to share on other networks.

Not all content is right for Pinterest. Due to Pinterest’s evergreen nature, time-sensitive content might not be a great fit. So maybe you see an expiring deal on some pricy shoes, or maybe you notice a news article that won’t be relevant in a weeks time. Go ahead and “like” that pin so you can easily find it again and share it over one of your other social networks.

3. Remember – “likes” are visible to others!

Unlike “likes” on Facebook, a Pinterest “like” is visible to everyone who hits your page. So if there’s an off-color pin that makes you chuckle, you probably don’t want to “like” it as your business. You’d hate to have someone notice and make assumptions about you or your company!

What other tips do you have for using likes? Let us know in the comments!


Melissa Megginson is resident Community Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind, the leading Pinterest & Instagram tool for brands. Melissa specializes in affiliate marketing, public speaking, and making our members look good. Find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelMegg.

12 thoughts on “How to Use Likes for Pinterest Marketing – Quick Tips

    1. Group boards in particular can be a good place to repin as a “thanks”, since those will typically have different followers than the ones who follow your boards. Plus, the original pinner receives double the notifications with a like and a repine!

      Thanks for writing in, Brandon!

  1. Often I use the “like” option for easily storage those pins that – at the moment – I don’t know in which of my boards save. So I can easily find them when I’m ready.

    1. It sounds like you and Aviva have similar uses for likes! That is a really great use case for them, but I prefer saving them for later with pin scheduling. That way they’re all organized on my Tailwind dashboard when I want to eventually schedule them 🙂

  2. Number 1 seems like a good idea! I also use likes when I see valuable content that I don’t have an appropriate board for. This way I know I can go back to it later but don’t have to randomly pin it to an irrelevant board.

    1. Before I started using Tailwind’s “save for later” feature, that’s one of the ways I used likes, too. Now all I have to do is save the pin, then schedule it to go out once I figure out where it needs to go 🙂

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