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Make the New Pinterest Changes Work for You: OSP Episode 16

WOW! Pinterest is at it again, lots of big changes have happened over the past couple of weeks.  In this week’s podcast we’ll take a close look into these changes and find ways to make them work for you and your social media marketing goals.

Make the New Pinterest Changes Work for You

I recieved some great feedback form a couple of listeners about how much they enjoyed episode #7 where I went over some of the basics about getting started on Pinterest.

Since there have been many changes to Pinterest lately, this is the perfect opportunity ro record another solo episode about how you can maximize the recent changes for using Pinterest for your business.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Introducing Rich Pins
  • Double pin warning
  • Integration of Pinterest into brands iOS apps
  • Pinterest’s mobile app changes (new features)
  • How tall images such as infographics now function


Rich pins – allow users to see more information about some pins when they are clicked on.
  • Product pins tell you where you can buy the product, pricing and availability.
  • Recipe pins give information about ingredients, number of servings and category of recipe.
  • Movie pins tell you the rating and cast information.
To read more about Pinterest’s new rich pins, check out the pin below:



It seems like Pinterest has released an update to its mobile app almost every day this past week so, if you see this when you launch the app:


Pinterest iPhone app update notification


Go ahead and click yes to get to here:


Update Pinterest mobile app for new features


Click “update to make sure you have all of the latest features like being able to sen pins to friends on Pinterest and in your email list:


Send Pinterest pins to friends from mobile app



What do you think about the solo episodes of the podcast and the recent Pinterest changes? Share your thoughts in the comments below or give me a call on the Oh So Pinteresting voicemail line at (773)669-7461 or (773)NOW-PIN1.

It would be great to hear from you and your question or comment could be used in an upcoming episode of the podcast. Thanks!


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On a different topic, this podcast episode was recorded the day after the massive tornado hit Moore, Oklahoma. I spent most of my childhood in Oklahoma and seeing such a large part of Moore destroyed is absolutely heartbreaking. A high school classmate of mine, his wife and 4 kids were fortunate enough to escape with their life but lost their home and everything they owned.

Please consider donating something to help the victims who have lost so much. Here is a list of a few organizations that are working hard to help the people of Moore recover.


Oklahoma City Tornado Recovery Fund and Community Emergency Fund

Feed the Children ($10 donation by texting the word DISASTER to 80888)

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma ($10 donation by texting the word FOOD to 32333)

American Red Cross

The United Way of Central Oklahoma


For a more extensive list from NBC news of organizations that are working to help the victims of the tornado, click here.


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  1. Avatar
    Patricia King

    Had board with clothes fashion and one for jewelry as well as eyes nail makeup moved some and now my board is clothe design is gone???? I guess I’ve missed something?

    • Avatar
      Patricia King

      Can I get my clothes fashions back and what ever else you would like to add

      • Avatar

        There have been a few reports of boards being deleted with the updates Pinterest had made. I haven’t heard a reason why or if anyone has been able to get them back. Sorry 🙁

  2. Avatar
    Margy Saunders

    What happened to my home feed so I can see my friends pins?

  3. Avatar

    Everytime I search the same subject more than once I get. the exact same results that I’ve already seen. It drives me crazy. Also is there no way to view other people’s boards anymore? Just loose pins….?

    • Avatar

      Hi Jo,

      You might want to check your settings and clear recent searches to see if that helps. Also Are you using the mobile version or the desktop/web version of Pinterest?

      • Avatar

        Thanks for replying Cynthia. I use the app version of pinterest on my Ipad. Clearing recent searches doesn’t change anything.

        • Avatar

          Hi Jo,

          Once you start entering the search phrase you should see the option to choose pins, boards or pinners. One thing you can try is select one of the pins that shows up in the results then scroll underneath it to see other related pins.

          I wrote a blog post about the new Guided Search another recent Pinterest changes yesterday that you might find helpful.


          • Avatar

            Hi Cynthia,

            Now I can find boards again. I guess I somehow overlooked it. Thanks for explaining!

  4. Avatar

    Hi, When pinners pin my pins, in my notifications tab it shows me that the user pinned a pin to there board. Meaning it takes me to there board and not actually what pin they pinned from me. I want this changed back to show what pins are being pinned and not where they are pinning the pin. This is annoying. I don’t want to see there board but I want to see what pins they are pinning of mine. How can this be fixed. I want to see individual pins as they are being pinned not show me they pinned it. For example: the pinned pins my chocolate cake instead of showing me they pinned the cake it shows me that they pinned my pin to there board called “all things cake” !!! How can this be fixed?

    • Avatar

      Unfortunately, Anika this was a change made by Pinterest a few weeks ago. I don’t like it either. I hope it goes back to the old way soon.


  5. Avatar

    I miss being able to see what pins of mine have been pinned by someone, will they be bringing that back anytime soon?

  6. Avatar

    The new board view sucks. I don’t want to see all these tags below the boards. I can’t view them the way I had them set up. I used to know where everything was now I can’t find where anything is.

  7. Avatar
    Sally Cianfarani

    I hate the set up I really can’t find anything. Please I want the old boards back

  8. Avatar

    All of a sudden, just today, my Board titles are showing up at the bottom of my boards. I HATE that. When did this get changed. It’s very cumbersome.

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