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March is here and that means warmer weather is just around the corner. Don’t worry If it’s still cold in your neck of the woods, I have Pinterest news that is sure to warm your heart and get your brain flowing with new pinteresting possibilities. Vincent Ng and I are back bringing you some recent Pinterest news and insights.

Marketing Strategy and the Utility of Pinterest

 In this Episode:

In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear about various marketing strategies used by used by retail giant Target that anyone can implement no matter the size of their business.

We chat about a recent interview with Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp and the direction this social media platform is taking. An understanding of how people are using Pinterest can really help you in developing a successful strategy for your account.

A very interesting part of our conversation deals with the biggest “myth” about the smallest demographic on Pinterest: men. Are they really on Pinterest and what are they doing there?

Lastly, we discuss an interesting middle school club using Pinterest in a very creative way. Think Pinterest isn’t for kids? Think again.

  • Target’s Pinterest marketing strategy (see video below)
  • How Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp defines the utility of Pinterest
  • Pinterest and Google similarities and differences
  • Truth About Men On Pinterest
  • What Guys Are Really Pinning


Links mentioned

Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp interview on ReadWrite

Men on Pinterest on Science Codex

Middle school Pinterest club from The Star

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