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Where in the world is Cynthia?

New Adventures and a Realization

Summer has gotten off to an adventurous start for my family and me. An unexpected but irresistible job offer came my husband’s way. Rob and I decided to pack up the kids, the dog and the cat and make a cross-country move from Texas to Charleston, South Carolina. Yes, I’m finally near a beach!

It just so happened that I had a speaking engagement scheduled right in the middle of the move that would have me in Belgium for a whole week. Speaking at Social Media Day Belgium was an amazing experience. Pinterest hasn’t quite taken off there as much as it has in other parts of the world. I hope my presentation helped them to see what a great marketing tool it can be.


The conference organizer, Rien van den Bosch was nothing short of AWESOME. With his team, they organized a stellar event and I have never been treated so well as a speaker. I’m truly honored that I got to be a part of it. It isn’t often that I get to speak in a location where the view is as stunning as this…



While I was there I got to meet some great people, see some amazing sights and the food was delicious. To top it all off, I got to meet up with a previous guest of the Oh So Pinteresting Podcast, Archana Haarnack! Archana was kind enough to introduce me to her friend Dinanda, an amazing painter from Holland and the three of us had an fabulous time exploring Antwerp, Belgium and southern Holland.


Cynthia and friends in Belgium

As much fun as I had in Brussels I was ready to get back home to my family. However there wasn’t much time for looking at pictures or indulging in the suitcase full of chocolate that I brought home, we had to pack and move. One day after I returned from Europe, my husband had to leave to start his new job. With the help of my SAINT of a mother, the kids and I wrapped things up in Texas. This included getting the house ready to sell. It had been a while since I got to work with power tools. I’m so glad I took wood shop in school ๐Ÿ˜‰

A week and a half later the kids, the cat, the dog and I arrived in Charleston. We all survived the 2 day drive, mostly. With as much hair as the cat shed from the stress she should be bald. I’m still trying to get it out of the nooks and crannies of the car.

Rob had our new, although temporary, home all set up for us. Until our house sells we are in a corporate apartment. Until then, most of what we own remains in storage. This means working in a more minimalist style. This includes working from a folding plastic table. Boy, I miss my desk and don’t even ask how much I miss my bed!


But I’m not complaining the view I have now from my desk sure does beat the brick wall I had to look at before.

For the past month I took some time off from the blog and podcast. I did it not only out of sheer exhaustion but also to take care of my family. I realized that in the past 2 years I hadn’t taken more than a couple of days off at a time. I felt that taking time off meant that I wasn’t doing all I could to build my business and support my family. Just before our move, we lost a dear friend of the family, very unexpectedly. His passing and talking with Archana about the Dutch approach to time off from work opened my eyes. I had felt guilty about taking time off but quickly realized that if I was talking to someone else about them doing the same thing, I would tell them they would be crazy for not taking time to rest and to enjoy the experience of getting to know a new city with their family.

So, until my family is settled in our new home, the Oh So Pinteresting podcast and blog schedule might be a bit off, I hope you’ll understand. I’ll still be working with clients and I have some really greatย speaking engagements booked through fall. As they say though, “life isn’t a dress rehearsal,” we have to make the most of it now.


Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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    Soooooo glad you’re taking that much needed and *much deserved* time to smell the roses.

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    So happy that your trip to Belgium went so well – what an awesome experience! Glad to hear your most recent podcast, but I’m also glad you are able to take some time off. Don’t worry…we will still be here once you get settled in on the east coast ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thanks so much Angie. Your support really means a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Avatar

    Welcome to the East Coast! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Congrats on the big move! I’m excited to see you at the Agents of Change Conference this year!

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