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A few new, and a few revived, features have arrived on the new Pinterest look.

New Changes to the New Pinterest Look

As you may – or may not – have noticed, the new Pinterest look has been gradually rolling out over the past few weeks.  While some praised the the changes, others were underwhelmed and many were left disappointed with the loss of their old favorite features.  But, alas, Pinterest listened to the cries of the people and they announced great updates – as well as revived some favorite old features-  for the new look!

See it Now 

See it now feature on the new Pinterest look

Pinterest revived the “See it now” feature, which allows users to go directly to the pin on their profile after it’s repinned.  This feature helps to save time if you want to instantly review a pin once it’s on your board.

Pinned From

The "Pinned from" feature on the new Pinterest look

“Pinned from”, previously called “via”, gives the ability to see where a pin is pinned from. This feature aids users in finding other people with content they might be interested in, AND it can be a great way for brands to get a bit more exposure on Pinterest.


Mentions on the new Pinterest look

Finally, one of the feature updates Daniel Bear Hunley was wishing for! Say you’ve found a pin that your friend just absolutely must see. You can now type “@” then their name to tag them in the description of a pin and it will show up in their notifications! While this feature was available on the old look, Pinterest fixed the previous “hiccups” some users experienced.


The notifications feature on the new Pinterest look

As just mentioned, Pinterest has now improved their notifications system so users will be alerted when someone follows your profile or boards, repins, likes or comments on a pin and when anyone mentions you in a pin description. You can now even go back and see old notifications.

Find Friends

The "Find friends" feature on the new Pinterest look

Curious to see what your boss’s favorite baked good recipe is? You can now find friends from Twitter or Facebook and follow their Pin boards. Hey, it could help you earn a few “brownie” points!

Better Search

The new search feature in the new Pinterest look

No need to guess anymore! Pinterest’s search now suggests keywords as you’re typing, so you can expand your pinning horizons even further (“chicken coop” projects anyone?).

New pins – Coming soon!

Soon, Pinterest will be rolling out notifications for when new pins are added to your home feed. While we may not know exactly what that might entail, we’re excited to find out!

The Future of Pinterest

While over the years Facebook has received a bad rap for ignoring the wishes of their users when it comes to their platform’s feature updates, Pinterest is proving that they do listen and that they do care.  Toward the end of their blog post on the new features, Pinterest mentioned a few things they’re still working on- like being notified if you’ve pinned a pin before, creating boards within boards and the ability to rearrange pins. These are all possible new features that users have suggested and Pinterest is trying to make happen.  As the post says, “keep that feedback coming!”.

This post was originally featured on the Tailwind blog as New Changes to the New Pinterest Look.

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