No Picture, No Problem You Can Still Pin it to Pinterest

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Have you ever found yourself in any of these situations?

  • You come across the perfect blog post or web page that you’d like to pin to your Pinterest account and share with the Pinterest community but there isn’t an image to pin.
  • You come across a site that hasn’t heard of the importance of having good pinnable images that really represent what the article is about. They do something like use a picture of a cat to represent current trends of the stock market. What the heck!
  • You know you have some older great content that you would love to share on Pinterest but don’t have time to create pinnable images.

What do you do when no pinnable images are found?

No Picture, No Problem You Can Still Pin it to Pinterest

Here’s the solution!

The most obvious solution to the situations above is to:

  1. Take a screen shot of the page you want to pin
  2. Save the screen shot to your hard drive
  3. Copy the URL of the page you want to pin
  4. Upload the image as a pin
  5. Open the pin
  6. Click the pins edit button
  7. Paste the copied URL into the URL box


Since the publication of this post ShotPin has stopped working 🙁  If anyone finds an alternative PLEASE let me know.

Who’s got time for that?!??! Not me and I’m almost 100% sure you’d rather be spending your time in other ways.

I have found a quick, easy and free solution for you! It’s called ShotPin.

Shot Pin is a Google Chrome browser extension that’s a breeze to install and to use.

Here’s a peek at how it works:

The ShotPin tool will appear at the end of your search bar in Chrome


ShotPin icon


When you come across a page that does’t have a pinnable image or one that doesn’t have an image that represent the content well, click the ShotPin button.

Highlight the portion of the page that you would like to turn into a pin by dragging your mouse over it.

Click the pin button at the bottom right side of the selected area.


Shot Pin for pages with no pinnable images for Pinterest


From there, the screenshot can be pinned directly to your Pinterest account and the URL where the screen shot came from will be attached to the image. Selet the board and add your description and pin it. Your pin will link back to the source of the image. Easy, huh?


Pin to Pinterest with ShotPin


You can find ShotPin in Google Chrome Web Store. Simply click the add chrome extension button to install this awesome tool. (Click here)

Here’s a quick video to see it in action.


A Pinteresting question

My Pinterest pal Amber Trussel, from A Jewelry Jar asked  “Do you know if there is a way to star, mark, group, certain boards by others so that I can find them quickly?”


This made me think of ShotPin. You can use shot pin to make a pinnable image of a board you want to keep close tabs on. Sometimes people pins such awesome stuff you wamt to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


jewelry jar on Pinterest



Will be using shot pin?


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