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Ahh, the power of Pinterest… There are many business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers that have yet to realize how fabulous Pinterest can be to bring traffic and attention to their site.

A Penny Pinchin Mom Doubles Her Pinterest Following
Mom and entrepreneur, Tracie Fobes didn’t think that Pinterest was a good fit for her business’s marketing plan. Her site that focuses mainly on daily deals, financial planning and debt reduction is something the she thought would not be popular on Pinterest.

Things changed when Tracie and I met at FinCon in 2013 where we had a conversation about Pinterest and the potential it has for traffic generation. She decided that it would be worth giving a shot in 2014. After some private training, a few tweaks to her Pinterest account and website, she has been able to more than double her Pinterest following in just 6 weeks. Pinterest is now one of the top sources of traffic to her site!


In this episode of the podcast:

 Be sure to grab a pen and paper to take notes while listening to this episode!

  • Tracie’s strategy for revamping her Pinterest account
  • Increasing Google visibility with Pinterest
  • How Tracie decides what to invest in to grow her business
  • Changes she made to make her site more pinnable
  • How Tracie fits Pinterest into her schedule

Some of  Tracie’s Pinterest changes

Pinterest account changes

Below is a look at Tracie’s Pinterest account before she made any changes. Her account description used to read:

 “Pinterest is my sanity keeper- I can step away from the craziness for a while and loose myself in the fun.”  

While this description is very engaging and relatable, it isn’t very searchable and it doesn’t communicate anything about Tracie’s business.

Penny Pinchin Mom increases Pinterest following with simple changes

After Tracie updated her Pinterest account her description now reads:

“If you are looking to save money, get out of debt, budgets or even find printable coupons, then is the site for you!”

This description does a much better job at letting people know what her account and business are all about and who it’s for. Including keywords make her account much more searchable which I’m sure has contributed to her follower growth.

Tracie also took a similar approach to her board’s titles and order. She used keywords and organized them so the boards most relevant to her business were at the top. She also changed the board cover images to better reflect the content of the board. Way to go Tracie!

Image changes 

Tracie also made some changes to her blogging workflow and the images she uses in her blog posts. Below are 2 examples of images used in older posts and the more pinnable images she now uses.

Simple changes to an image can make it more shareable and pinnable


Adding text overlays to images can make them more pinnable

Tracie has quickly become a believer in Pinterest. She has seen some amazing results in a short period of time and now knows that Pinterest is a great place for her business.  It took some time and work but it sure has paid off. What will you be doing to make your Pinterest account work for you?

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Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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  1. Avatar

    I was so thrilled to learn so much from you. You truly know how Pinterest works and are so helpful!!

    • Avatar

      Aww, thanks Tracie! You did all of the hard work, I’m so happy to hear that Pinterest is really making a difference for you 🙂

  2. Avatar

    I loved this episode!! PLEASE do more like this!! I have been listening to your show since the beginning and I’ve been disappointed with how many episodes you’ve had that don’t share this kind of nitty gritty about Pinterest. I understand it must be hard to come up with content about Pinterest every week, and some topics are just not going to interest me because they’re irrelevant to me (like last episode’s food related topic)…I get that. You can’t make every episode strike a cord for every person. But if you did more of these topics where you are diving into specific individuals’ before and after stories…I REALLY think you will help more people, because all of us can get something out of real world examples like this.

    In fact, I’m going to listen to this episode again when I’m sitting at my desktop (I listened while grocery shopping), and refer to your wonderful show notes while checking out our biz Pinterest account for my cohost and my homeschool podcast, and see what I can do to improve things there.

    I’ve always meant to get in there and work on things but never have found the time. This episode is inspiring me! THANK YOU SO MUCH! More of these please!

    • Avatar

      Hi Tina,

      Thanks so much for listening! I’m so glad you found this episode helpful and will do more like it in the future. Thanks for the feedback.


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  4. Avatar

    Loved this episode! Super guest and lots of great information!

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