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Get The Pin It Button Internet Explorer Edition to Pin Great Images Across the Web

The Pinterest toolbar plug in allows you to pin pictures from almost any website to your Pinterest boards without ever having to navigate away from the page you’re on. Installing the toolbar will add a Pin It Button Internet Explorer to your Favorites Bar. If you have chosen to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest, you can also share new pins easily with the Pin It button. Install this useful bookmarklet in just a minute:

Log  into your Pinterest account as usual. Once you are signed in look for the  “About” menu in the upper right hand corner of the page. Click on “About.”
pin it button internet explorer

Once that new screen loads, locate “Goodies” on the left hand side. Scroll down until you locate the “Pin It” button section.
pin it button internet explorer

Instructions for adding the bookmarklet to the Internet Explorer Favorites Bar should now be displayed. The basic steps are as follows:

  • In the space near your Internet Explorer tabs right click to display the Favorites Bar
  • Right click the Pin It button on the Pinterest page
  • From the options that will appear select “Add to Favorites”
  • When a pop up window appears select “Create in: Favorites Bar”
  • You’re done! Your Pin It Button Internet Explorer is ready to be used
Happy pinning from all of us at Tailwind!
Don’t only use Internet Explorer? Get the Pinterest toolbar button in other browsers:

How to install and use the Pinterest toolbar button (Firefox)
How to install and use the Pinterest toolbar button (Chrome)
How to install and use the Pinterest toolbar button (Safari)

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Daniel Maloney is the CEO and Co-founder of Tailwind (, a marketing platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Tailwind’s mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone. A veteran of the internet industry, Danny lead New Initiatives at Google Maps / Local and YouTube, served as General Manager of AOL Video and founded other companies in the fields of e-commerce and visual discovery prior to Tailwind.

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  1. Avatar

    useful thing!

  2. Avatar
    Donna Thede

    I had the button no my toolbar for a long time until recently my husband unknowingly deleted. Now I’m near scream-level frustration trying to put it back. On the Pinterest goodies page, the button is no longer shows, just install. I’ve followed those instructions to no avail. Goes through the install process, but no button. !!!!! :/ Sure wish someone would get this fixed. Surely, it couldn’t be that complicated. Really frustrating.

  3. Avatar

    I don’t have the word “about” at the top of my Pinterest page. I have the pinit button on my desktop but cannot get it on my laptop or tablet. I’m with the poster below, at scream level trying to get this button on my toolbar.

  4. Avatar
    Dana Schreiner

    Same! I go to browser button and install, but it doesn’t show up on menu on my screen when I’m done! I have a new Dell!

  5. Avatar
    Peter Jon Witton

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 and lost most of my favourites from the favourites bar. Now nothing will allow me to replace the Pin it button on the favourites bar. Yes, it is virtually impossible to even find the Pinterest goodies page and nothing will install from there.
    The word about takes me to a sign up page not the goodies page. What is wrong with pinterest. Why have they not fixed this?

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