Pinterest Ditches Activity Tab on Some Accounts

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Pinterest has slowly been rolling out a new sleek and streamlined look along with some new features. You can see a glimpse of the new look at when you’re not logged in to Pinterest. While I like the new look, I REALLY don’t like the new feature they’ve released.

What the Pinterest News Change is Doing

The new feature changes the way activity with your pins and with your account is reported. Before the change, when you logged into Pinterest, you would see a nice, easy to scan long list of what’s been happening.

In one easy to scan location, you could find:

  • How many times your pins had been liked and repinned
  • Your new followers
  • What boards your pins were repinned to
  • Notifications of comments
  • Group board invites
  • Suggestions of accounts to follow



Pinterest news feed


This plethora of  information was replaced with a ‘News’ tab and a couple of board cover images on the side of the page. Now, to see the latest happenings, you have to click the “See all News” tab below the board cover images or on the news tab in the menu bar.



When clicked on you’re taken to a page filed with board cover of where your pins were repinned to and of the group boards you’re being invited to. It’s much harder to take in all of the information in this format, don’t you think?

News Page on Pinterest


Another part of this change, is the loss of being to see an account’s latest activity. Before the change, there was an activity feature.


activity tab on Pinterest


Clicking the activity button would show you all of the activity for that account including:

  • What was pinned and how long ago
  • New followed accounts
  • Pins commented on
  • Liked pins

I use this page a lot when looking at other accounts.  Most importantly , it tells me how active they are on Pinterest. I’ve come across pinners who haven’t pinned in months.

The Activity tab also helps me to filter out spam accounts. When I get an invitation for a group board, I’ll check the activity of the account and if they’ve invited hundreds or thousands of other accounts to join and haven’t pinned anything themselves, that looks pretty suspicious to me and I won’t join.

With the news feature, when I go to look at another account the ‘Activity” button is gone from there too, regardless if they have the change or not.

It seems like this is still really a work in progress. On the day of writing this, no matter which account I went to I got the message that they didn’t have any news yet. I even went to Martha Stewart’s page, seriously, no news for Martha!?!?



It breaks my heart to not be completely in love with everything Pinterest does. For now, my account still has the same old beloved news feed and activity button. I will hold onto them and cherish them for as long as Pinterest allows me to.

I understand that Pinterest wants to be a visual platform but, in this case, the visuals slow things down.

Does your account have the new features. What do you think of it? Can you please tell me how I can learn to love it too?


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