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Track ROI with Pinterest Google Analytics Integration

Check out exactly how much you’re making with Pinterest Google Analytics Integration on Tailwind’s Analytics Tool

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Track Your Pinterest ROI with Google Analytics

Who doesn’t love Google analytics?  Being able to see how many page views you receive and how many unique visitors you’ve gained makes life a lot easier. Oh, and not to mention knowing exactly how much money you’ve made.   With Tailwind’s Pinterest Google analytics integration, finding your Pinterest ROI is easier than ever before. Just follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Go To Your Settings

Your journey to tracking ROI with Pinterest Google Analytics integration begins at the settings page.  Click on “Manage Accounts” from the Accounts menu as shown. Go to the “Google Analytics” tab.  Then click on the big blue “Integrate Google Analytics” button (you can’t miss it).

Step 2: Follow The Steps

Follow the prompts to choose the appropriate Google account and grant access so we can integrate all of your data into one place. Don’t forget to choose the site associated with this account!

Step 3: Prepare for Analytic Greatness

The last step is to sit back and relax. The data typically takes about 24 hours to form, but soon you will be able to see visitor numbers, pageviews, numbers of transactions, revenue (if you’re tracking this in Google Analytics), and much more!

Integrate for Greatness Now!

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