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Pinterest is Now on Xbox 360



The Xbox 360, Microsoft’s video game console, recently had an update to its Dashboard. You may be wondering why this is important to mention on a blog about Pinterest.  Here’s why, this update lets you use your Xbox 360 to connect to Pinterest on your TV!!!!

To use it,  you need an Xbox 360 Console, an Xbox LIVE Gold Membership and an internet connection.



Before we get to the “how to” part of this post, there’s something new on the dashboard home page. It seems that Microsoft, the makers of Xbox, have are using some Pinterest like terminology.  The home screen of  Xbox Live now has a  My Pins box. Here, you can pin links to your favorite Xbox apps and content to this easy to access menu. Sound familiar?



How to get Pinterest on the big screen.

From the home screen, scroll over to to the apps page. Notice the big blue Internet Explorer icon? this is a new feature on the Xbox and, it is what makes using Pinterest on your TV possible.



When you open the Internet Explorer app you can access a list of features sites and Pinterest is one of them.  Click on it and you are taken to the login page of Pinterest.



Log into Pinterest and start Pinning on the big screen.


Everything within Pinterest on the Xbox seems to function just as it does on a computer. Pins look the same, you can click and go to the sources of pins and even watch YouTube videos within Pinterest.  I did notice one down side, when the family was home and we were all using the internet, sometimes the pins took a while to load or the images wouldn’t load at all.



Currently, the average Pinterest user in the US is a woman whose age ranges from early 20s to mid 40s, not your average Xbox user. This might open up Pinterest to a whole new type of user and a new variety of pins. Possibly to more men and younger users? For those businesses and bloggers who thought Pinterest wouldn’t help bring traffic and customers to their sites, they might want to reconsider. For those already on Pinterest, your content might get exposed to a whole new demographic.

Over the years the Xbox 360 has evolved to be more than just a console for playing video games.  You can now stream movies, listen to music and acces the internet.  Now that I can access Pinterest, move over kids, it’s my turn on the Xbox!

What do you think about this new way of using Pinterest?


Here’s an easy to reference step by step guide on how to get Pinterest on your Xbox 360



  1. Avatar
    Paul Treanor

    Cool, but I’m still not going to share my Xbox with my partner – he is stuck with his iPad.

    • Avatar

      Paul, the Pinterest iPad app is pretty good but there’s just something about seeing it on the big screen. Are you on Pinterest or just your partner?

  2. Avatar

    I keep getting a can’t download file message, please help.

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