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Pinterest-Popular New Year’s Eve Cocktails

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Pinterest-Popular New Year's Eve Cocktails

Here at Tailwind, we’re all about balancing work and play, which is a lot easier when you work with something as fun as Pinterest! Today we thought we would take the time to check out Pinterest in hopes of finding some of the most popular cocktails that people make on New Year’s Eve, helping make your holiday more sparkly and bright. Here are three popular New Year’s Eve cocktails we found while browsing through Pinterest that we are adding to our “must-try” list of drinks for tomorrow. (Note: no drinks were consumed in the process of making this blog, but we can’t promise anything after!)


Grand Marnier Peach Hotty Toddy

Pinterest-Popular New Year's Eve Cocktails: Grand Marnier Peach Hotty Toddy

Upon examining Pinterest, we found a link to some of Harper’s Bazaar’s favorite New Year’s cocktails. We found ourselves particularly curious about a drink called the Grand Marnier Peach Hotty Toddy. In order to create this cocktail, first designed by mixologist George Carney, all you need is one ounce of Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach, one-half of an ounce of honey syrup (you can create this by mixing an equal amount of honey and hot water), one-fourth of an ounce of fresh lemon juice and one cup of hot water. Once you have all of these ingredients, combine them all together into a mug or glass, and use a cinnamon stick garnish as decoration/extra flavor.

This drink made our list because it is simple but offers just the right amount of holiday festivity. With its warm inviting color along with its fruity and cinnamon blend, it’s the perfect way to roll into the new year in a way that’s not so ordinary.

Cake Batter Martini

Pinterest-Popular New Year's Eve Cocktails: Cake Batter Martini

The second place that Pinterest led us to was to a blog called How Sweet It Is. We certainly did find their suggestion for this New Year’s Cake Batter Martini sweet. In order to make this sweet and visually appealing drink, you will need one ounce of amaretto, one and a half ounces of Pinnacle whipped cream vodka, one and a half ounces of creme de cacao, one-half  of an ounce of Godiva white chocolate liqueur, one ounce of heavy cream, sprinkles of your choice (How Sweet It Is suggests nonpareils) and frosting. Once you have these ingredients, first things first- coat the rim of whatever glass that you may be using with frosting using your finger. Once that part is out of the way, take your sprinkles and pour them onto a paper plate, then stick the rim of your glass into these sprinkles and press down to make sure they stink. Now that you’ve gotten the decorative glass part down, mix the rest of your ingredients with a cocktail shaker along with ice, shaking for around 30 seconds. Once the drink is shaken, strain it into your festive glass and you are good to go.

Do we even have to tell you why this drink made the cut? How can you not feel festive when there are sprinkles on your glass? We don’t even have to say anything else.

Semifreddo Bellini

Pinterest-Popular New Year's Eve Cocktails: Semifreddo Bellini

Finally, Pinterest led us to the website of Martha Stewart for a sophisticated while spirited drink option. This drink is simple to make: You will need one cup of peeled and chopped peaches that are frozen until hardened, one-fourth of a cup of peach schnapps, three-fourths of a cup plus two tablespoons of either chilled champagne or sparkling white wine, two tablespoons of superfine sugar, one cup of small ice cubes and some peach slices for decoration. You will want to blend the peaches, peach schnapps, sugar and ice in a blender until they are all smooth, and once you have done this, divide this mixture between two glasses. The final touch is to finish filling each of these glasses with one-fourth of a cup plus two tablespoons of champagne. Your bellinis are now ready to serve.

It wouldn’t be a new year without champagne. Plus, who can go wrong with peach schnapps? This drink combines just the right amount of taste and festiveness.


We are sure after reading this that you are just as excited as we are for New Year’s Eve. Go ahead, bring in the new year the right way by trying these or one of the millions of cocktails that you can find out there on Pinterest.

Have you tried any of these cocktails? Leave what you think or any additional cocktail ideas in the comments!


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