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What’s Cooking on Pinterest This Thanksgiving? [Repost]

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Ruby-red cranberry sauce, a perfectly smoked apple-stuffed turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, a rich pumpkin pie and a 100% vegan tofu and flaxseed loaf. According to Pinterest, that’s the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Originally featured on the Dan 330 blog, this post will show you what’s cooking on Pinterest this Thanksgiving.

What's Cooking on Pinterest This Thanksgiving

As more than 70 million users will tell you, Pinterest is the perfect place to find amazing recipes. And what better day to put those amazing recipes into effect than Thanksgiving? Here at Tailwind we were curious to know what pinners were serving excited to make this year. Some of the results were perfectly standard, while others were a bit crazier.

Of course, the most pinned about Thanksgiving recipes were describing very traditional Thanksgiving meals. There were hugely popular pins for easy slow-cooker turkey and stuffing, delicious sweet potatoes and even cute little turkey cupcakes!

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes

One of the most interesting Thanksgiving trends this year is the prevalence of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Veggie lovers have figured out how to make their entire meal vegan and vegetarian – even their turkey!

Thanksgiving Veggie Turkey

Another thing people are interested in this Thanksgiving, is what to do with all that food that will inevitably be leftover. From eating classic turkey sandwiches for weeks, to some of the more innovative ideas, one things for sure – no one will leave your table hungry this year.

So, what are you cookin’ up this year?


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