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Pinterest is growing up. The social network is changing at a light speed pace in popularity and in funding levels. As mentioned in a recent post, some of the features of Pinterest are changing too.  Some are welcomed but some are not.

Here’s a way for you to cast your vote for the features you’d like to see on Pinterest.

Pinterest Users Unite! Vote for Your Most Wanted Features


Some business accounts have already seen major changes. For example, I recently heard from the owners of and the hashtags used in their pin’s descriptions are no longer searchable.   In non-business accounts, hashtags used the description can be clicked on to perform a search.

For a business owner, this can be very frustrating. Unique hashtags provide a way for their followers to find content easily.

This could also affect how Pin it to Win It” contests are held. Many require specific hashtags to be used in pin descriptions as part of the entry process.

NOTE: See the latest on Pinterest’s recommendations for hashtags.

What can be done?

Pinterest recognizes that there are certain features business owners would like to have available. They have established a business feature request page in their help center.
Pinterest Business Feature Help Center


The list above is specific to business accounts. There is a separate feature request list for non -business users.

It seems that Pinterest is interested to know what features their users really want.  When clicking on a feature in the list, a page will open that gives a response from Pinterest.  To cast your vote for a specific feature, simply click the “me to0” link.


Pinterest Help Center Feature Request


Unfortunately, at the time of this post none of these features have been shown much support at all by the business community. Each of the features on the list has less than 100 votes.

As with Facebook, it will probably be business account holders that will become a large source of revenue for Pinterest. They should be very interesteed in the features that business owners want. Are you going to let your voice be heard?

Are there any features that you would like to see that aren’t listed?





Cynthia Sanchez is a Pinterest marketing consultant and expert. Cynthia created, one of the early leaders in Pinterest education for businesses. Contact Cynthia on LinkedIn:

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    Cynthia, is there a way to actually send a feature request rather than just “me too” it?

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      Holly you can go to Some of the help topics have an email option but from what I’ve heard people usually don’t get a response. You might also try Pinterest’s Facebook page to leave your suggestion.

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