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Pinterest vs Instagram: Who’s More Followed, More Viral on @Twitter? [Infographic]

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Pinterest vs Instagram on Twitter [Infographic]

For fun, we built a quick infographic comparing how visual web kingpins @Pinterest and @Instagram fare on @Twitter.

Warning: The social web may implode if you share this infographic.

Can you say social media overload? As we expand our product suite at PinLeague, we and our members are increasingly intrigued by how the major social networks- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+- intersect with each other.

It seems as if just about daily we’re asked the “Pinterest vs Instagram” question: Which should businesses use? How do they differ? How should they complement each other? If I pin an image from Instagram, then screenshot that pin my Pinterest mobile app and re-share it on Instagram, will I 404 both services?

This topic is becoming increasingly salient as businesses decide how to spend limited social media marketing resources, bandwidth and user attention span. The sense is businesses have to choose A platform. Most social media consultants who use PinLeague profess the rule of 3: you should use Facebook, Twitter and ONLY one other social network. Yet, there are examples to the contrary (notably, Mashable), showing that brands should in fact embrace all platforms as their users do (but make sure you share in a socially targeted way!). Not to mention, Facebook and Twitter aren’t suited for all business. For instance, we see far better traction for PinLeague on Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin than on Facebook.

From a product perspective, it’s also an interesting question. My former coworker Hunter Walk just wrote an interesting post on why there will never be one social graph to rule them all. Our view tends to jive well with his- ultimately all networks will serve some unique purpose (or die), however the will continue to overlap and must learn to coexist. The $100B question, though, is… how?

As we continue to explore this question as a community, we’d love to hear your thoughts and perspective. For now, though, here’s the infographic you came here to see. My takeaways: Instagram has WAAAAY more Twitter followers than Pinterest (likely due to how the platforms integrate with Twitter), however, Pinterest generates substantially more buzz per Tweet, despite apparently being active during shorter time periods each week.

Pinterest vs. Instagram: Who’s #winning on Twitter?

Pinterest vs Instagram Most Followers Most Viral


Daniel Maloney is the CEO and Co-founder of Tailwind — your new Marketing team, helping you create social media designs, schedule posts, and optimize across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with one easy-to-use social media management tool. A veteran of the internet industry, Danny previously led New Initiatives at Google Maps / Local and YouTube, served as General Manager of AOL Video, and founded other companies in the fields of e-commerce and visual discovery prior to Tailwind. He’s passionate about business strategy, entrepreneurship, and growth!

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