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Review of the New Look for Pinterest


Hold on to your hats, Pinterest is going through some big changes! This last week brought the start of a wide spread rollout of  a new look for Pinterest.

Review of the New Look for Pinterest

Not every account has the “new look” but the ones who do, have the option of switching back and forth between the old and the new.

The new look comes at a cost. Some features available on the old look have been wiped out but,including one of my favorites, the Activity button. But, the new look is pretty sleek with cleaner lines and bigger images.


Here’s a video to give you a quick tour of the “New Look”:


Comparing Pinterest’s old look with the new look…


The old look:


The new look without the option to rearrange boards or the activity tab



The old look for an individual Pinterest board

The new look for an individual board


Notice in the new look, fewer pins are displayed per row and the option to like on Facebook is gone.


The old Pinterest pin

Old Pinterest pin


The new Pinterest pin


In the new look hashtags and URLs in pin descriptions are no longer clickable. To embed a pin or share it on Twitter or Facebook the button on the top right side of the pin must be clicked. and a drop-down menu will appear.

When switching from the new look to the old one, this message appears:


Pinterest Message


It looks like changes will be coming for all Pinterest users soon. What do you think of Pinterest’s new look and changes?



  1. Avatar

    I’ve been switching back and forth the last few days, and I like the look of the new pinterest. However, I hadn’t realized that they did away with the option to rearrange the boards. That’s terrible! Hope they change that part back.

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    Lollie ~ The Fortuitous

    Still pinning the “old fashioned” way, and after your super video tour, not sure I’m all that excited about modernizing.

    All the lost features (tagging, live links, rearranging boards) are pretty vital to my overall pinning enjoyment, so i sure do hope they will all come back in the brave new Pinterest world.

    And while they’re at it, could they finally give us the ability to rearrange our pins on a board?!

    P.S. Love the longer locks.

  3. Avatar
    Laurel Beck

    I realize that things need to change and with the way technology is today that people want to change things up a bit, but still. I watched the video and most of the stuff they changed, i didn’t have a problem with, but the ONE thing i DO have a problem with is the fact that u can NO LONGER rearrange your boards, i like being able to do that, cause there r certain boards that go with certain things. And especially if u join a group, NOW that group u just joined will be somewhere else and things will be all mixed up, NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD AT ALL…….Just saying 🙁

    • Avatar

      Laurel, I agree with you, being able to rearrange your boards is a feature that is really important. I hope that it is there when Pinterest is done with making changes. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Avatar

    We are new to Pinterest, but people have been pinning our hand-crafted jewelry images as long as Pinterest has been around. We are gaining followers and there are definitely some features I’d like to see added to Pinterest. Such as support for multiple invites, ability to organize pins on a board and the total repins of pins from my website. I’d also like to see reports on participation in group boards (pins/repins, likes, comments, etc and what that means in terms of reach). I have played with the new look and hope that its a work in progress and that the elimination of activity and reorganizing boards are not going away.

    • Avatar

      Hi Bob, thanks for stopping by. I can see why your jewelry is being pinned, it is absolutely beautiful. Have you tried using PinLeague? It has some really good analytic information that could be helpful to you.

      Being able to organize pins within a board is on my wishlist too. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. Avatar

    Getting vertigo cos the boards FLIP or SPIN when we move from one screen to another, to pin and then get back to our main board. I wrote Pinterest, no response (no surprise) to to see I can stop this flipping!

    I’ve googled like crazy. Seems like I’m the only one bothered by it. I have cut waaaay back here, decline all group invitations, deleting a lot of ppl/boards I’ve been following.

    I am VERY fast and this constant flipping of the screen means I close my eyes every time I click to pin something and then go back to where I started. I am appalled at this!

    Although I am new to Pinterest, I was ramping up quickly and about to use for business and raving about in on Facebook. Now I can’t recommend it. ANY tips appreciated! Thanks.

    • Avatar

      Jenny have you tried using a different internet browser. I use Chrome and with the “old look” and the “new look” none of my pins spin. Let me know if it helps.

  6. Avatar

    I love improvements, but I can’t see a lot of “improvement.” Taking away useful items just to call it an “improvement” isn’t a good way of moving forward. Could Pinterest not have added the useful points, but left the OTHER points they found useful when Pinterest was developed? Looks like they are tweaking for the heck of it..which ends up making a mess. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to voice our views!

    • Avatar

      Annie, thanks for your comment. It’s so great to hear how people really feel about this. Hopefully this is just temporary and they’ll keep all of the feature’s we’ve gotten used to. I’m really glad that they at least give us the option to switch back and forth unlike Facebook that takes and adds things on a whim.

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    I’m pretty new to the pinterest world but even I am sort of confused to parts of it. Like not being able to find what has been repinned (unless I read it in my email). So far I get some decent repinning but not tooooo many followers but I’m sure that all comes with time. At least I have a place to come to now to figure out the ins and outs! Im going to have to try Pinleague. Is it within Pinterest or is it a separate tracking code?

    • Avatar

      Lin, thans so much for your question. PinLeague is separate from Pinterest but it provides a plethora of information. You’er right, the followers will come with time and persistance. If there’s anything you get stuck with on Pinterest, please feel free to come back and ask.

  8. Avatar

    Tried it for about 10 minutes then switched back.
    Pinterest is gaining users, has millions of loyal users….why change?
    What happened to “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”
    Change is NOT always better.
    But it looks like soon we will not have a choice.
    Are you sure Google isn’t running them?

    • Avatar

      Sabre, it seems we are going through some Pinterest growing pains. I hope they add to the features that were there and not replace them. Time will tell… Thanks for your comment.

  9. Avatar

    Hi Cynthia,

    Nice–thanks for sharing.

  10. Avatar

    Good read and video. I wasn’t sure they would allow us to switch back and forth. I think that the ability to rearrange boards is probably the most important thing they have left out so far. I hope Pinterest listens to it’s users and makes sure that feature stays in.


    • Avatar

      Thanks, for the feedback! I agree, rearranging boards is a must have feature. I hope they keep it.

    • Avatar

      Kristen, sorry to say, you’re right. With the new look as of right now, hashtags are pretty much useless. 🙁

      BUT, who knows what Pinterest will do next. I hope they bring them back.

      Thanks so much for the feedback

  11. Avatar

    Gee whiz! As an Etsy shop owner, I’ve been reading articles LIKE CRAZY the past couple weeks trying to figure out how to market myself appropriately on Pinterest without being spammy. And I’m SO FRUSTRATED that all the tips I learned and began to incorporate are now worthless. No tagging?! No hyperlinks?! No rearranging boards?! This is ludicrous. This is NOT progress.

    • Avatar

      Mindy, thanks for your comment. I think Pinterest will be bringing most of those features back, at least I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will. Historically, Pinterest has done really well for Etsy shop owners, wishing you the best of luck. Please let me know if I can help.

  12. Avatar

    I made the switch tonight just to see what it looked like and discovered — much to my dismay — that you can no longer switch back. I was very concerned over loss of the ability to rearrange boards as this is crucial to grouping related topics near each other, rather than a scattered effect.

    So I went to the Pinterest Facebook page for help and it didn’t take too long. Apparently all you have to do is drag and drop the boards into position (without having to save). However that did not work for me either and I posted again. A fellow pinner came to my aid and said she had the same problem and discovered that you have to do it slowly and wait for the spot to open up. If you do it too fast, it doesn’t stick.

    Frustratingly enough, that still did not work for me. But by accident, I discovered that if I grabbed the board I wanted to move and instead of moving it directly to where I wanted it to go, I moved it around the page a bit, spaces started opening up all over the place. And fortunately, that roundabout method does seem to work.

    Hope one of these methods will help any of you facing the same problem.

    On another note, I do miss the fact that the links are no longer clickable.

    • Avatar

      Linda, thank you so much for leaving that tip herre in the comments! I have been avoiding the new look because so many of the features that I have come to rely on weren’t there. It looks like I wont have a choice soon. I’ll make sure to spread the word about being able to rearrange your boards.

  13. Avatar

    Much to my chagrin , I cannot switch back — There is an old saying ” if it isn’t broke do not fix it” There are MANY things that do need to be changed and numerous comments have been made to the Pinterest team Unfortunately they either do not care, or can’t read the comments on their own blog.
    Pinterest doesn’t need a fresh new look they need a fresh new team–

  14. Avatar

    What is interesting when I reviewed your youtube video, the new look does not look like that at all? I only have three columns across on the main pinterest board and the last column is blank, the pictures are so large it is tiring to wade through them ,,, and on my boards, the first slot for the board you cant use at all — it gives the overall board a messy uninviting look… tried the suggestions from commenter’s listed above , and it didn’t work… If this is what pinterest is giving us,, I am not sure I will continue using them..

    • Avatar


      So much has changed since I made this video a couple of weeks ago. I agree that having the narrower feed is a pain. Hopefully, Pinterest listens to their users and adjusts things soon. Time will tell.

      Thank you for leaving your comments. It’s always great to hear what’s on people’s minds about Pinterest. Are you a casual user or do you use it for marketing?

      • Avatar

        Both I am also on Linkedin and belong to several social media groups,,, loads of discussions about whether it is wise to use Pinterest for business.., marketing etc… I did enjoy the article about Starbucks on Pinterest and how they are using it… a nice board…they use other pins not their own ~ a good marketing strategy ~ well at least in comparison to others it works..

        thank you for the speedy & thoughtful reply,

  15. Avatar

    I updated my Pinterest app on my iPad. Disappointed! The “new look” is so generic I stopped using my app. It is so hard to look at. Besides the white square at the bottom it is somewhat difficult to tell where one picture ends and the other begins.with pictures not all the same size it looks really disorganized. With the previous format at least there was definition. And looked way better. Now the website looks like every other Tom Dick and Harry. Not to to talk about getting rid of hash tags and links,I mean who does that? The website is barely three years old and they are already modernising, Wow! Well as the saying goes, if it ain’t broke. Not a fan of the “new” website. That’s all I’m saying.

    • Avatar

      Jane, tnanks for your comment. Have you tried using Pinterest in Safari on your iPad? If you haven’t changed to the new look yet on your iPad in Safari, you should still have access to the good old Pinterest look.

  16. Avatar

    …as you stated the favorite
    “Activity” button is MY favorite also. I am spending less time on pinterest because when I check the people I follow I can not see their most recent pins. I sure am not going to look through their board at each visit. Sure would like to see this feature return. How do I switch back to the old format??

    Thank YOU!

    • Avatar

      Karen you can’t switch back to the old format on the desktop version but there is a workaround:

      1. Go to the account you want to check out
      2. Log out of Pinterest
      3. Use the browser’s back button to get back to the account you were looking at (I use Chrome or Safari)
      4. You will be taken back to the old look of Pinterest complete with the activity button

      If you have an iPad and go to Pinterest on Safari, you can switch from the mobile version to the full site and you will find the old look there too while being logged in.

      Hope this helps,

      Thanks for your question 🙂

  17. Avatar
    Madison Butler

    Why can’t I rearrange my boards on my iPad? Really frustrating.

    • Avatar

      Madison, unfortunately, you can’t. I hope it’s a feature that is added soon. Thanks for coming by 🙂

  18. Avatar

    Is it still impossible to rearrange boards? This is nuts!!!

  19. Avatar
    Maggie Sams

    New format is very disappointing! Can’t edit to move your pins from one board to another, at least if your boards are secret, which stinks! This feature was useful by allowing you to reorganize your pins – now gone so sad. Also gone is the thumb nail look. Very aggravating to have to page through all your boards when before you had an overall view of boards which was more efficient. Why fix things that are not broken?

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