Affiliate Content Checklist

For the launch of, we are offering our largest ever bonus – $50 per post and $50 per video. $100 if you do both! To earn this commission, there are requirements listed below that your post and/or video will need to hit. Once you’re ready, submit your content here.


What to do

  • Refer to How to Get Your Content Promoted for FTC Compliance.
  • Write about your own experience with Include the tips you have for getting the most out of Tailwind.
  • To cover a topic completely, articles should be at least 500 words and videos should be at least two minutes long.
  • If you’re using our swipe files and want to submit content to be considered for a bonus, make sure you are adding your own spin as well as how you personally use Include screen shots or screen shares!
  • Write Tailwind as Tailwind — not TailWind.
  • Make sure you are presenting Instagram in a good light. We are partners after all!
  • Cover a topic thoroughly and use good grammar. Focus on tactics and benefits for the bottom line for those who are following your advice.
  • Promote as a completely free tool for anyone to use, though it does work best with a Tailwind for Instagram Plus Plan (more on that here and a video walkthrough here).
  • Share if you’ve had great results with Tailwind (screenshots of analytics and graphs are great), but call out that just because you’ve had great results doesn’t mean others are guaranteed to. If you do mention your own results and you want us to consider promoting your content, you’ll also have to link to our typical results for Tailwind for Pinterest or Instagram members
  • Make sure you’re including social sharing images in your post. It will make it easier for us to share!


What Not to Do

  • We are not looking for posts that just rehash what Tailwind or another affiliate has already written. We want to hear from you!
  • Our trial is not time-based, but instead is based on 100 scheduled Pins or 30 Scheduled Instagram posts.
  • If you are looking for a bonus commission, do not include competitors in those posts. We wouldn’t want to pay to promote our competitors, right?
  • Don’t forget to use links to supporting sources when you can.
  • If you use our logo when creating social image, do not change it. You can find different variations to use in the creative asset library.