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Introducing Social Eyes, A New Social Media Cartoon Strip from the folks at PinLeague.

Funny Social Media Cartoon Strip by PinLeague

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Social Eyes #1: The Fiscal Cliff and Facebook

President Barack Obama made history in 2008, becoming the first President to leverage social media as a key strategic advantage. In the 2008 election, social media was novel, not expected, and the political world was taken by surprise at the power that facebook and YouTube could wield in mobilizing voters.

Fast forward four years to 2012 and social media is ingrained in American life. If 2008 was social media’s proving grounds, 2012 was a year of experimentation and scaling. Whereas the social strategies of 2008 relied on facebook and YouTube, 2012 saw President Obama host an AMA on Reddit, claim victory on Twitter and  share many policy-oriented infographics on Pinterest. And on Pinterest, the competition went beyond the candidates to First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney (Gawker declared Ann the winner). Unfortunately, the Pinterest accounts appeared to have been treated as purely a campaign tool – none of the four Obama / Romney Pinterest accounts have been updated in over 9 weeks. That said, The White House has been very active on Pinterest, sharing some seriously pinworthy content.

For his vision in adopting social media, President Obama earned the honor of being the first subject of Social Eyes, our new weekly social media cartoon strip. Installment #1 pokes fun at the recent Fiscal Cliff controversy. Given how seriously our President takes social media, this cartoon almost wrote itself.

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