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The Social Side Of The World Cup [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The World Cup has been on for two weeks now and needless to say, the event every soccer fanatic waits for four years to come around has build major traction on social media. Below is an infographic provided Crowdtap on the social side of the World Cup.

In the past 18 days, there has been a series of hot button scandals that have erupted on social media. The current trending topic involves Uruguayan player, Luis Suárez who is banned for 9 matches at this year’s World Cup and barred from playing for his team for 4 months after biting Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini.

Also much to our delight and surprise, team U.S.A. has had an incredibly successful run after and qualifying for the next round. On the day this post is scheduled to go out, team U.S.A. will be playing Belgium. It is reported that Waffle House will not be selling Belgium waffles that day.

But back to the social side of the World Cup, according to Media Bistro, three-quarters of World Cup viewers say that they will be using social media whilst watching live games. Also 34 percent will be actively tweeting about it.

Check out this infographic with stats from Crowdtap on the social side of the World Cup:



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