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Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is almost here! A successful, fun spring break trip takes planning, and if you want a great, worry-free time, you should probably start the planning for your trip now if you haven’t already. To make the task of planning a little less burdensome, we want to start you out by providing you with four of the top destinations people choose for their spring breaking enjoyment.

South Padre Island

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What makes South Padre Island a go-to spring break vacation spot? If you are looking for a traditional, college-type spring break this is your destination. South Padre Island has just the right mixture of large beaches with beautiful scenery along with the entertaining hotels and bars that many people search for when taking these types of trips. What’s more? Because of its Texas location, a warmer temperature is more likely than it is at other destinations, such as Florida. In case that wasn’t enough, South Padre Island provides the opportunity for more activities, such as kiteboarding, deep sea fishing trips and the chance to go dolphin-watching on excursions. For more information about South Padre Island and help with planning a trip in that area, you can visit here.


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Cancun has been a staple of spring break for years. Of course, it has some of the most beautiful beaches, but it also has a great night life as well as many places for golfing, should you want something to do during the day that doesn’t involve going to the beach. Despite its exotic location, it remains a very affordable option for your vacation needs. Cancun is one of the best scenes for beach parties and clubs. It also offers excellent opportunities for scuba diving, snorkeling, jet-skiing and parasailing. For something a little out of the box, you can even visit Cancun’s big Mayan archaeological site for some great history and an amazing view. Interested in planning further? Click here.

Daytona Beach

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What more could you ask for in your spring destination than 20 miles of beach front? That is exactly what you get with Daytona Beach. Many people immediately associate spring break with Florida, and places like these are why. Not only does it have the spring break atmosphere like the others, it has something else to offer: the Daytona International Speedway. This sets it apart from other destinations and gives it a whole different vibe and atmosphere. Big fans can run into some of the most well-known NASCAR racers. Even if NASCAR is not your thing, Daytona still offers a laid back and beautiful atmosphere, so you will still enjoy this awesome city. To further learn about Daytona, click this link.

Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo San Lucas is the most high-end choice we have on our spring break destination list, and for good reason. It has numerous golf courses and beautiful beaches. While Cabo is in Mexico, it is very Americanized, so you shouldn’t run into any cultural issues, but knowing some basic Spanish is helpful and polite. Some of Cabo’s selling points- it’s full of amazing restaurants (especially seafood). It’s also a great place for fishing and whale watching. More information about Cabo San Lucas can be found here.

Of course, these are just four of the COUNTLESS options for spring break destinations. We hope that we have made your choice a little bit easier and have perhaps narrowed down your deciding process. Have any comments about any of these destinations? Know additional great vacation spots? Comment away!


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