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Understanding Content Marketing Part 1

Understanding the Mythical Beast of Content Marketing OSP 097

Content marketing is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. But what exactly is it? Does your business really need it?

Welcome to the second installment of my four-part Summer Super Fun digital marketing Spectacular. Last week we talked about what businesses should know about websites, this week we’re going to take a look at the content marketing side of things.

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What Businesses Need to Know About Websites

What Businesses Need to Know About Websites OSP 096

Welcome to the first episode of the Summer Super Fun Digital Marketing Series! Pinterest can’s work for a business all on it’s own. I’ve invited Ian Anderson Gray to join me on the next four episodes of the podcast to really dig into digital marketing to give you a great foundation for your Pinterest marketing. In this first episode we’re going to start off by discussing what businesses need to know about websites.

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The Easy Way to Create Great Images for Marketing OSP 094

The Internet has been making a gradual shift away from text and towards images for decades. Since the rise of social media and especially since Pinterest came on the scene, the shift has gained some serious momentum. In just the past few years we’ve seen that it now takes more than a well written article or social media post to get attention in the crowded online space. Now, you need to include great images for your marketing efforts to even stand a chance.

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